New blog:  First  entry


I am in the process of changing my current blog over to this one.  While I learn to use WordPress I will keep my Blogger one at:  http\\


Is it an auspicious start that I have been up all night working on this?  I wasn’t able to sleep so got busy and now it is almost time for the sun to come up.   Why am I switching to WordPress you ask?  I wanted the 3-column look and am exploring what look suits me best in the long run.  In other words, I want to expand my horizons and seek new and better technology!


I already like the idea of having pages along the top of the blog for readers to explore rather than overloading the sidebars.  I like a clean and tidy look but one that has space across the page.  I’m sure the look will change as I continue to learn…can’t leave well enough alone!