I don’t think Alberta friend is used to having her picture taken so often…she was incredulous at the number of photos I took during her visit.  Daughter is used to being subjected to my lens though and took it in stride.  By the time Alberta friend left she didn’t notice the camera as much and she was a very good sport about the photos I took.

I am delighted that she was very accommodating because the 2 girls were so photogenic!!  Depending on the scenery and where we were I often requested they pose for a couple of photographs.  They didn’t know how gorgeous they looked…*sigh*…. Oh to have that youthful and innocent look back!!  Oh…where was I?  Right!!


 In between photos or after a mini-session the girls let loose.  I kept shooting some film so I can include some goofy photos to go into their scrapbooks.  Here is the serious photo I took; it was one of a series of about 5 or 6 I took, each time zooming in a little more.  This shot was actually the best and has turned out to be one of my favourite pictures of the two of them. 

Once I finished the girls relaxed into their usual poses.  As a side note, we were in the same park as the pigeon feeding, in fact just a few steps from the well-trod pathway.  The girls felt kind of silly posing while people were passing by but either I’m a lot scarier than I appear or they egged each other on until they gave in!  Thanks girls for being such fun to tag behind!