Alberta friend liked birds.  She really liked the pigeons.  Poor birds ~ they don’t have a lot going for them in a place like ours….they hang around to eat and are often scared off by kids chasing them.  We had gone to the central park to eat lunch and of course, Alberta friend was delighted to find a couple of feathery friends coming by to check out lunch.

Daughter and Alberta friend had started to eat lunch and admired the birds…as the little critters started to gather round.  Notice the bench beyond the girls; it is presently unoccupied.

Well once Alberta friend flicked a few crumbs down for the birds…well, let’s just report that mayhem kind of followed. Where there were just a couple birds now we were drowning under them!! joined by a few more.

If you look beyond our bench you can see the other bench is now occupied. The girls were getting more into the spirit of feeding birds as more and more joined us. Something strange happened though – competition from the other bench!!

Apparently the little nightmares pigeons prefer certain foods! Over at the other bench the afternoon meal was french fries. So the birds hurried over and started pecking at that bench. Humph! Only a few birds stuck around for the “hauter” cuisine of Tim Horton’s and Subway food…. actually they were quite fat and it was probably too much work to get over to the grease in time to get any. Alberta friend managed to convince one fellow to hop up on her hand for a few crumbs.

That was all the encouragement they needed! The birds are pretty tame…..

Daughter, who isn’t used to handling birds, thought that hand-feeding one or two was pretty cool. In a matter of a few seconds though she started screaming…

It got too much for her! I was reminded of the movie “The Birds” ~ a movie that gave my mother nightmares for years and also gave her a fear of crows. (I watched that movie recently and it was a downright HOOT; sexist, ridiculous with how things were handled and downright FUNNY!) In this picture daughter is quickly trying to rid her hand of the birds and pull back at the same time.

After that Daughter quickly discarded whatever crumbs were remaining and jumped up, ready to move on. Good thing too ~ I had seen something she hadn’t noticed. Look up, w-a-a-a-a-y up…. at the top of the dome….. if she thought PIGEONS were scary….

What would have happened if this “scout” Seagull descended with all HIS buddies to feast from her hand???!!!

Some people will not go near birds or handle them due to the small possibility of getting germs. It is true that some diseases can be transmitted between birds and humans and that Pigeons are as guilty as any other breed. If you decided to handle birds bring along something to wash your hands with after or be very sure not to handle food until you do.

Personally I love birds and most things about them. We had a couple of parrots while I was growing up and aside from having to clean their cages every day they were fun. I’ve never owned a bird of my own…yet…. figured the cats and dogs would just be too interested for any bird to last long at my place. One day maybe….