Yipee!  Yahoo!  Oh boy!

Can YOU guess what I’m excited about? 

Daughter is too.  In fact she has to go to the high school tonight at 7pm…just for what we’re not sure.  But it’s an early start for her!

Son is far, FAR more anxious.  I understand.

I really do.

He’s attending school full-time for the first time in 18 months…since I pulled him out of school on Valentine’s Day during grade 8.  The orginal plan was to have him attend school fulltime effective January of this year but the school felt he wasn’t ready.  That depressed the heck out me; it kind of messed up my plans to go back to work not to mention having to be son’s entertainment for that many more months.  It is hard to keep a 15 year old boy happy and not bored.  Double or triple that workload when it is someone with disabilities.  I HATE hearing “What are we going to do today?”….

I hate making plans of any sort.  If I mention it around son it automatically becomes written in stone and heaven help me should I break something written in stone!  I then become a liar and worse.  It sure grinds on my goodwill over time!  So now I refuse to make plans of any kind and resent being roped into it.  Oops, I’m off topic!

Back to school ~ everything is in place for son to succeed at school this year.  I think it will be better for him to be there fulltime; he will attend lunch and get the chance to talk to other kids then.  There is a special place set aside for kids with disabilities AND a teacher’s assistant stays with them during lunch.  If son wants to get something from the cafeteria then he and his aide will leave the class earlier than the regular student population, so he can get his meal without worrying about 1,000 other students and line ups.  Is that WONDERFUL or what?  This school has been wonderful for son!

More family join my kids at the high school this year.  Let’s see…. 3 nephews and one niece-to-be.  A few of those nephews have been homeschooled until this year and so I tell Son these guys are nervous too.  The difference is my son has attended this school already!

What am I going to do with all that free time?  Ha ha ha – don’t worry.  How about HOUSEWORK without being disturbed?  Running errands without having to rush back in time for lunch?  Hopefully – WORK!!  I’d like to get back to my office job soon… get things back to normal…

I will get back to continuing the vacation and summer with the next post, within the next day or so.  It’s been crazy around here because I’m having sleeping problems again.  I’m pretty sure I have Restless Legs Syndrome and only recently came across a doctor’s newspaper advice column that suggested a bar of soap under the bedsheets will help.  Amazingly it does seem to!  The soap fell out though and I forgot about that old wives’ tale…and my thyroid medication ran out.  Oops.  I have to get some more – tomorrow, when the Pharmacy is open again.  I put 2 bars of soap under the sheets 2 nights ago and have actually had the best sleep in the last month or so.

Maybe that will help with the dental appointment tomorrow.  Instead of truly celebrating the return-to-school…I have to see a new dentist.  My root-canal tooth broke in half 2 weeks ago…*sigh*…. so time to find a dentist here in N.B.  Hence tomorrow.  whine, whine.  Will I ever get a break???