Okay.  So Son made it to school 2 out of 4 days so far.

So far so bad.  I adored having a full day to complete errands and cleaning.

It was so….relaxing

As with all great things though, it had to end sometime, didn’t it?  Welcome back to the building of over 1,000 students ~ many of those who travelled this summer.  Whatever was going around or lurking in immune systems all mingled together over the last few days in those hallowed halls of school.

Son got hit.  He has something going on in his throat…if that unbelievably RUDE doctor at the Medicentre hadn’t walked out on us last night I might actually know if it is strep throat or tonsilitis again.  Son is on antibiotics and although I asked the nurse to check his chart that RUDE doctor pulled her aside and hissed some wretched lies to her so she was as nasty as the doctor.

Really.  We have no family doctor and haven’t for the 15 months we’ve been in New Brunswick.  As I’ve mentioned before that means we have to use the after-hours Medicentre or the “Urgent Care” ER.  I had a run-in with this particular doctor once before but I chalked it up to a bad night.

Was I ever wrong!  It wasn’t a bad night… it is a rude, arrogant, individual!  Did I mention RUDE?

Last night we waited for quite a while to be seen.  This is a clinic where you can only talk about 1 thing and your time spent with the physician is severely limited.  This is done in order to keep to a strict schedule.  The clinic is run by volunteers so I’ve been told and it is in the best interest….of them? I guess… to make the appointments run on time.  While son and I were in the waiting room yesterday, AFTER our scheduled time, I saw the doctor walk out of the office (through the waiting room) and come back some minutes later with food containers – presumably from the restaurant next door.

Next we were put in one of the examining rooms and Son hopped up on the table to sit.  He wasn’t feeling that great and was getting fidgetty by then.  That can be the start of aggrevation as patience is NOT the strong suit of anyone with Asperger’s Syndrome.  So, in a brilliant flash of genius, I whipped out a pen so he could doodle on that paper that covers the examination table.  He settled down and got busy, drawing.

It looked like fun so I whipped out the other pen and joined him.  Before we knew it, the door banged open and the doctor took a step in and – I KID YOU NOT – took one look at us and said haughtily, “I can come back later”.  His tone said, “Whatever you are doing it is wasting my time already”.  Well, weren’t we off to a rockin’ good start?  He asked me a couple of questions pertaining to son, in a clipped and rude-like manner.  I decided to answer him and also went back to doodling.  It occupied me and kept my mouth shut which I thought was a good proactive decision on my part. 

HA! He said son had a slight red throat.  He asked if son was allergic to anything, then handed SON a piece of paper and WALKED OUT! Son gave me the paper and I realized it was for a prescription!  I was taken aback that he left without a word about what he found or why the prescription!  I became angry and sought out the nurse and asked her to please find out what the Rx was for.  She went to read son’s chart.

The doctor leapt out of his little office, grabbed her arm and pulled her into the examining room and shut the door.  He opened it a minute later and stalked off.  She waved me in and marched over to the garbage can and pulling the paper out of the garbage stated that he was insulted that we doodled the whole time he was in there!  I replied that we were indeed, doodling, as he opened the door but stopped immediately but that he made his rude comment without giving us any time to react.  She said that wasn’t what he said.  I replied maybe she didn’t get the right version.

She then said I drew while he examined my son so he figured that I didn’t care about my son and grew offended at that.  I told her that I went back to drawing because it was calming and kept me quiet.  She then basically said that he was extremely busy and had so many people to see and had to keep the schedule on time.

I did NOT say one word about him leaving the clinic to go get his dinner.  I am sure he ate it quickly when he returned too.  The nurse indicated that his behaviour was my fault.

I would have believed that too, except for the last time we saw him.  Again we had a bit of a wait then and son saw doctor’s name on something and mused aloud whether it was a male or female doctor.  He ended up betting me it was a woman.  So when the doctor came in son smiled and said I was right (I guessed a man).  The doctor asked what was up and I replied nothing.  The doctor looked at us and asked what the comment was about so I told him.  He then said I didn’t need to make it a big deal and that he thought the whole conversation was inappropriate!  Son and I had to pick our jaws up from the floor.  I told doctor it was son’s way of passing the time and I didn’t think it was a big deal.  Doctor said it wasn’t but that I had made it so and I should stop yelling at him.  I replied that I wasn’t yelling at him that I didn’t understand what was going on.  Doctor said he was leaving and would come back when I calmed down!!

I said I was calm and he could see Son but that I would pass on my appointment with him.  The doctor left.  I went out to speak to the nurse about the doctor.  I was told it was my fault.  Son and I left the clinic both of us upset.  Husband had to take son back the following night as the medical illness hadn’t resolved itself.

This is a VOLUNTEER clinic!  I have a strong suggestion for that doctor – DON’T!  I am calling the College of Physicians and Surgeons to register a complaint against him.  It won’t do much good unless others place complaints as well, but you have to start somewhere.  If this doctor is as truly as rude and as unpleasant as our 2 encounters lead me to believe then he should not volunteer there.  Go do something you like buddy.  Go patronize your collegues instead.  They might actually appreciate it because apparently I’m not grovelling to your liking.

So, that on top of son not going to school either yesterday or today has added that touch of class to my week.  Yesterday and today are also beautiful, warm and sunny days.  I didn’t get any sleep last night so I won’t be seeing much of that weather today.  Son got up through the night and by the time he was settled I was wide awake.  The last thing I remember is reading a good book on the couch.  That’s the position I was still in when Hubby got up for work this morning.  Except I was sleeping in that position. 

So now I’m tired, cranky, sore and stiff.  To top it off the freakin’ smoke detector is acting strange and is bleeping a shrill and annoying beep every so often.  It’s in a terrible place to access – over the stairs where I can’t get it easily.  I think it is wire-connected versus battery-operated.

This is a day I feel like a hag.  I’m serious.  The eyeballs and lids are drooping to my stomache, which in turn is drooping to my knees.  There’s grit in my eyes and a bleary outlook on life.  Oh yeah and let’s not forget about the 7 loads of laundry needing to be folded and put away.  It’s on the floor in my bedroom.  I had a choice of bathroom or laundry yesterday and I chose bathroom.  I can always kick the clothes into the corner and ignore them.  I can’t do that in the bathroom!

Has anyone else out there had any experiences with doctor dreadfuls?  I’d feel better knowing I’m not the only one who gets the jerks like him.