Hooboy.  Here comes Hanna up the Eastern seaboard, headed our way.  It appears that what is left of the eye will come through the Bay of Fundy with the tail hitting New Brunswick and Nova Scotia equally hard.  Although Nova Scotia usually gets it worse.

Funny thing is I thought it had already hit!  It started to rain earlier this evening and then our power went out for half an hour or so.  Although the rain was heavy it didn’t give me that sick feeling of impending doom like those 2 nasty winter storms did.  (Oh, forgot to tell you?  That would be the 2 storms that backed up the sewage system and had us bailing out our basement and scrubbing it down with bleach.)

This isn’t so bad I was thinking about an hour ago when the power came back on.  A quick glance at the computer however popped my eyeballs….cripes this is the remnants of Gustav passing through!!  Holy *&^$, Hanna isn’t here yet!  AAAAaaarghhhh!  There are heavy rainfall warnings issued but the winds aren’t expected to be overly spectacular. 

Because who needs all that wind when the place is flooding anyway?

Here I was dreaming that we’d have a Sunday brunch, complete with candles for ambience, when the heavy Hanna rains knock out the power.  Har har har har – ho hoooo hooot!!!  That luxurious meal would be…oh, cereal and milk possibly ~ ot wait…!  Maybe cheese and crackers! 

Unless I plan to cook that sumptious meal by candlelight?

I don’t WANT the power to go out – then I might have to entertain the troops!  Hubby is sick after inhaling whatever germs Son brought home.  The two of them are hacking and coughing right now as they sleep.  There’s just no way I want to check in other either of them ~ those sick wimps two might pass their wretched germs on to me.  When I’m sick I want to lay in bed and isolate myself to snooze or stare out the window in silent suffering.  Not those two – and ladies, I’m sure you can back me up on this – they want to be right out in the middle of attention, with their “sick” volume turned up for all to hear.  Nothing like some pampering and attention to sympathize with their desperate plight.

I think I’ll pass out on the couch tonight with the fan going.  It’ll just toss those germs right back out of the living room, right? 

That way I can hear if the plumbing backwater valve fails again, just like I heard it fail in March.  That was a sound worthy of an Emmy.  It was a horrible sucking sound then a gushing noise… neither did it help when I cautiously tiptoed to the lower floor bathroom only sed from soory  so the maze of pipes to each home brought the extra sewage water back to your neiborhoo