Post hurricane Hanna caused some excitement in my area. We are located along the Fundy Coast, in New Brunswick, Canada. The hurricane zipped up the Eastern seaboard and lost much of its intensity before hitting this area yesterday….

Yup. We got walloped. The local area received 140 mm rain ~ metric or not let me tell you that is a LOT of rain to fall in a short period of time! Living on a lake it made the day quite interesting….

To facilitate the timeline and uploading pictures, etc, I’ve broken this into 5 parts. This is Part 1 – Pre Hanna and very early on. Let’s go!

We start on Saturday 6 September in the morning or afternoon. This area received some rain from a system that passed through just prior to Hanna…yippeeee ~ more rain! Even our outdoor kitty had enough and we begin the pictures with him.

When Spook wants in and we don’t answer the door, he goes to the back of the house and climbs up the balcony post to present himself at the back door. Somehow he’s figured out that we spend a LOT of time in the kitchen and dining room and if he sits at this particular door and yowls, someone is likely to hear him and let him in.

I took the following picture at the same time to compare the backyard with “before” and “after” the storm. Har har har ho ho ho! I didn’t expect a lot of change but Mother Nature had a few tricks up her sleeve!

The lake level FINALLY dropped to its normal level a few days ago, after being high all summer. How high would the water have come if the levels HADN’T gone down??!!

Jump forward 24 hours….
Sunday 7 September 2008, around 9 am. What have we here?
Daughter! Favourite daughter braved the heavy rainfall to relocate our water toys that were in danger of floating away. You can see the dock is already submerged under water. I also note a random rock with some flowers we planted by it…oh, yesterday. Figures doesn’t it? Although you can’t see the rain it is pelting down.

Well, what is the use of getting wet without some fun to go along with it? Once the water equipment was pulled to drier (ha!) ground, daughter decided to test the flooding a bit. She is walking on what is normally the dry path to the dock. In fact, it was only in the last few days that I was able to walk out to the dock and enjoy my view sitting out there…the higher lake level kept that walkway wet with mud most of the summer.

Daughter made it out to the dock. Here she is freaking out a bit – apparently the dock was floating a bit here and when she walked back towards the house the dock actually tipped and she thought she was going to be dumped into the lake! I’m so glad it was you and not me because you’re young and I already have grey hair and wrinkles!

Here daughter is slowly wading back towards our lawn. She explored along the bottom area, which was submerged, treading carefully so she wouldn’t fall in.

She was busy poking and moving things around in the water. She paid special attention to something in the water in this area. I couldn’t make out what that girl was up to! She splashed around for a bit….

and then made her way back into the house. Turns out she had a little “surprise” for me; something she had picked up in the water….ladies, if you are squeamish, take a DEEP breath and prepare for the “ick” factor!!!!

Look what dear daughter brought me! Like I want to see ANYTHING that gross IN MY HOUSE??!!!!!!
The critter moved fast and probably smelled fresh blood. Daughter went out the front door almost as fast as she came in the back one! That disgusting leech was set free in the ditch across the street….

Honey, if I see that thing crawl up out of my toilet, we’ll be having a heart-to-heart all right. You won’t have to wait until you graduate high school to move out! I will personally pack you up and pin a welcome note on your shirt as I slam the door behind you….!!

Part 2 will be coming next. Stick around because it gets v-e-r-y interesting….