Saturday 6 Sep 08. PART 2

Things are happening now! It has stopped raining by now but the rivers are still emptying at a great rate. Our yard wasn’t quite done flooding yet!

Meanwhile, next door, someone made lemonade out of the lemons! The neighbour’s son grabbed his Boggy Board and still a little surfiing somewhere it wouldn’t HURT if he fell off it. He was pretty cool on it!

Now to introduce you to a local bubbling brook. I walk past this creek whenever I take the dogs out and go left. It runs from the main road in my town, down to the lake. My dog, Jasmine, sneaks down there when I’m not watching for debris.
The creek runs under the road and comes out the other side; hence the “downriver” photo here. As I said before the storm drastically increased the water levels! In this photo part of the homeowner’s garden is submerged under water. Again, the water level has already dropped from its peak. It empties into the lake….which then increases the water levels in our yards.

This WHOLE area was under water earlier that day! Isn’t that crazy? My dog Jasmine loves to explore river banks but on this day I didn’t let her near the foaming and swirling water.

These pictures were taken while out walking the dogs. I had taken them out at 3 am during a lull in the rainfall as my Pug HATES water of any kind.

I’ll get going on Part 3 later today ~ I’m exhausted from staying up late a couple of nights and need my beauty sleep. I keep falling asleep doing this post! It’s a beautiful day today and I was already out for a while. Talk to you after nappy-time!