Now for the rest of the Hanna adventure…I’ve been away for a couple of days due to some bug going through the house. It wiped me off my feet!

Back to my story… the water rose and one would think that was enough excitement for a day.


When approximately 140 mm of rain falls you need to expect anything.  Anything at all.

For instance after the rain finished falling I assumed that everything was done – except perhaps the water level of the lake.  Ha!  Take a look at this…

A clump of land with grass floated into view! The creek empties into the lake 2 lots north of us and that creates a current in the lake. Wherever this thing broke off from it got caught in the current and started on its journey across the lake.
Guess what?
Guess where it went?
Directly? Without passing go?

What were the chances of THAT? I watched it travel directly across the lake as though some invisible cable pulled it over! Maybe a disgruntled beaver from the dam pushed it over to make a point? I know boaters in canoes or kayaks always paddle over to dam and explore it… maybe the critter blames us? (Actually this is just our kind of Irish luck)

Hubby hopped into the kayak to see what exactly that thing was.

It was as it appeared.  A clump of grass and soil.  Heading out on its own personal adventure.

Figuring all the weird things were finished we carried on with our day. That’s not to say it was restful or fun by any means. During the storm our backwater valve worked. So the sewage stayed OUT of the house.
But the valve stayed shut for a time.
A long time.
Longer than we thought.
Someone used our toilet.
And flushed it.
When the valve was still shut.
There was nowhere for the stuff to go….
but back up through the shower in the downstairs bathroom.
The rest of the family drove over to Nanna’s house to use their perfectly usable toilet with a working flush and drain and then returned home with a bottle of bleach.
No rest for the wicked.

Okay, so now THAT was done. Time to rest. A good thing too because poor hubby was feeling very under the weather with a nasty bug son brought home from school.

Har har har.

See the dock?

It is tipped because the water level rose high enough to pull one side under. Pan to supper. We had just sat down to eat supper when I looked at our beautiful view…

well, most days it is beautiful…

And mused out loud that the water level must have gone down because ~ LOOK ~ the dock is back to normal!

Oh no it isn’t. The water level is still at its highest.

Guess what that means?

Let me help you in case you’re stumped. It means the dock is floating….as in it is lifted completely off the lake floor and can float away….


Husband and daughter set out on a rescue mission.

Stepping gingerly they headed out to the dock. If they aren’t careful they will walk off the narrow strip of land that goes out to the dock and then they will suddenly step into cold, chest-high water.

Leaving a blue rope tied to a little tree behind me (on dry land), the two of them tie the other end to a corner of the raft.

Bit by bit they are venturing into deeper water. It is almost up to their waists. That is runoff water from the town’s streets and it is cold.
Just the thing for someone who is sick!

Moving the raft isn’t as simple as it looks. At the front end there is metal posts and a panel attached to the dock. These metal pieces are what kept the dock sitting on the lake bed. It made the dock extremely heavy which is why Hubby and daughter are huffing and puffing.

As shown in the above photo, I pulled on the blue rope while they picked up the dock. We managed to pull it quite far towards the lawn. This is where we left it – it looks like some kind of launch for the lake now!

The storm water drainoff swept debris into our cove and here you can see Husband removing it. People use the lake with jet skiis as well as kayaks and canoes. These odd bits of junk float out into the lake and pose a threat to anyone not paying close attention to what they are doing. To reduce the risk of something happening we take out stuff that floats into our wee cove.

After this Husband went inside to shower and change. He ended up sick in bed for the next 2 days, helped in no small part by the cold water and strenuous exercise.

The nearby city on the coast sustained much flooding and damage to many roads as a result of Hanna’s leftovers. Daughter and I tried to drive into the city the same night as these pictures were taken but getting in posed too much of a problem. Many major streets and some routes into the city were closed because of water levels and indeed, some roads were partially washed out.

As I write this, Hurricane Ike is heading towards Texas. The destructive force of an actual hurricane, complete with high winds, is devestating. We had a lot of rain but very little wind or else this area would have been in much rougher.

Our thoughts go out to the people along the Gulf Coast who are shoring up their homes and businesses in preparation for Ike.