Finally…after a few weeks of chaos around here, I am finally ready to send poor Alberta friend home! Stepping into a timewarp we zoom back to mid-August, to find ourselves visiting a local graveyard before Alberta friend left.

The ladies are displaying the fence to the graveyard’s entrance. This is the colonial graveyard and it is located in the middle of the city. These are original settlers buried here!

Moving up the path a little, I took a seemingly innocent picture of the girls on the sidewalk. Gorgeous picture, gorgeous day – but what is lurking behind the scenes????

scroll down


Now here is the same picture showing you what was going on around us!
A man walking down the path jumped behind the tree off to the left side of the photo. He kept peering around the trunk to see if I was done. I motioned that he didn’t have to hide but he insisted. Off to the right side, behind yet another tree, was a different sort of excitement going on. The police were trying to rouse a man lying against a tree. We didn’t spy or lurk so don’t really know what was going on. An ambulance was summoned and the paramedics joined the police looking over the unfortunate individual. He appeared to be part of the park crew as he was wearing a safety vest and workboots. Eventually everyone disappeared and I don’t know if the fellow was taken by ambulance or not. All that hidden in the first picture above!

This was among one of the sadder gravestones we visited. It is a mother and her only child, both of whom drowned the same day.
We imagine that the young boy got into some kind of trouble at one of the area beaches and his mother tried to save him. The undertows along the Bay of Fundy are treacherous yet not always visible to the eye. Rest in peace Mother and Son.

We spent some time at this grave trying to decipher the original writing. Most of the people buried here were quite young and often it was a mother and one or more children – babies, actually…usually dying within a few days of each other.

This appeared to be a group burial ground and I think there used to be an original chain type of fence around it.
Unfortunately a lot of the tombstones have been violated or damaged by vandals. It is absolutely disgraceful that anyone would deface the final resting place of the deceased. I hope anyone who does this is caught and severely punished.

After wandering amongst the graves for a bit both girls were quite hungry. It was time to go get some food before driving out to the airport. Where to eat?

Where to eat?

What to eat?

Hmmmm…. we ended up somewhere interesting.

Well, the vehicle parked besides mine was interesting anyway! Check this out –

Now, either these people have a terrific sense of humour or they are the type of family that make one cringe. I looked for such a family of either type when we were in the restaurant but no one stood out. Still…it is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while!

Our choice of restaurant was this place….
shades of Alberta for us! It was a sometime stomping ground when we lived out there; daughter loves chicken wings which this place does well.

Good thing we got there when we did! Daughter wasn’t going to last much longer and her mood deteriorated by the second…I tell you, she was turning green around the gills!

First aid showed up in the disguise of MY appetizer…MY appetizer people! It looked very tasty didn’t it? I ordered the MILD chicken wings. The dang things were so spicy that I couldn’t eat it and the girls polished them off for me! It didn’t take long either for the plate to look like this…
It was inhaled!

Next dinner was served. I had another appetizer as my main course…
while the ladies made their own choicesI was worried that Alberta friend would eat so much she would burst when the plane ascended into high altitude!

Once the meal was finished we moved on to the truly yummy part – DESSERT! Want to see something scary? Check this out:Daughter had “Just a Taste” at a mere 250 calories. She obviously ordered EXACTLY what she’d been craving! Check out the contentment written all over! My specialty was over 1,300 calories…yep, you read right, MORE THAN 1,300; it was fried Cheesecake something-or-other. Truthfully I didn’t eat the actual cheesecake inside. I was more taken with the crispy coating and caramel sauce. Maybe that brought the count to 300, eh? Just maybe? Heh heh heh.

Daughter was now full. Very full. In fact, very, VERY full as evidenced in this photonote however, that she is smiling!!

Next stop was the airport. A very quiet ending to a fun-filled, noisy trip.

Daughter accompanied Alberta friend to the check-in counter and beyond. I kept my eye on daughter as SHE kept eyeing Alberta friend’s suitcase….eyeballing to see if she would fit in there. As school would be starting shortly at BOTH ends of the country I needed daughter to stay put!
parting is such sweet sorrow. These moments are private and are not meant to be photographed or captured. Besides the two of them had such a hard time that I had to pull out a hankie and do some honking of my own.

Finally, daughter and I left as the plane prepared to take off and fly into the lovely sunset that evening…Alberta friend, it was a joy to have you with us and I hope you took back some awesome memories of the Maritimes. Come back, y’hear??