The edge of Hurricane Kyle is starting to creep on our area now.

We toured the property earlier and put away anything loose or prone to fly in high winds.  We dismantled the trampoline (imagine THAT soaring overhead ~ there’d be UFO calls to the police in the middle of the storm!) and moved the canoe and kayaks up to higher ground.

As to the dock and float….which were brought in during the LAST storm… well…we’ll pull them up higher if they start to float.  They are tied together so that should slow them down if they start to move.  Hubby tidied up the garage so we parked both vehicles inside; now wouldn’t that be Murphy’s Law if they get damaged in THERE and NOT outside on the driveway? (oh boy, r-e-a-l-l-y funny)

We aren’t filling the bathtub with water.  We have a well system for our water which means that in a power outage we can’t draw the water up…as a pump “sucks” it up out of the ground.  We need to prepare for up for power outtages of up to 72 hours.  The toilets use water – drawn from the well.  Hence the problem.  Before we’ve filled the tub and a bucket of water poured into the toilet will make it work.

BUT…you have to consider the other problem we have during storms ~ the one where the storm drains throughout the region back up.  Which causes the backwater valve in our pipe to shut.  Which in turn means that anything going DOWN our water drains/toilets, etc….has no where to go but up through the basement shower & toilet.  We’ve had enough of that!!  The valve stays shut until the city storm system clears up.  In our case that is about a couple of hours.  We THINK we’ve learned how to approach that problem in a better way.

When it seems that the valve might be shut, pour FRESH clean water into the basement shower and see if it drains.  If it does, no problem!  If it doesn’t drain then the backwater valve is shut and do DO NOT USE THE TOILETS!!  We just check on the shower stall periodically and once the standing water standing disappears then the valve has re-opened. 

So back to the bathtub.  The stupid plug leaks.  When the tub was filled previously, it slowly leaked out.  Down the pipes and gee…up through the shower….  the problem is then, where to put the water?  If the power is out for 3 days but the sewer system is working then we can use our toilets and frankly, I don’t want to hold my bladder for 3 days!  Think guys, think.  Where could we get a great supply of water for toilets in case of emergency (NOT for drinking though)….

YES!  The LAKE!  That big pond of water behind the house! DUH ~ don’t know why I didn’t think of that before today! (although during another storm I did suggest we hang our bottoms off the dock since the overflow storm drain system probably drains crud into the lake too. 

Hubby bought a crank-radio this afternoon.  He had us all cranking before he realized he had to put something into the stupid thing to charge!  AAARGH.  So now we have matches, lighters, candles, flashlights, propane stove, etc.  The only thing we don’t have is heat, if the power goes out.

That’s okay.  Sister-in-law & family have a lovely big house (cozy too) and a wood fireplace.  It gets nice and warm over there.  I could see all of us family members popping over to warm up for a while.  Let’s see… it could be quite the party if every household brings something nice to eat or drink!

This afternoon it was very warm and muggy, unseasonably so.  Then I noticed I didn’t hear any birds either.  Usually with the lake and marshy areas there are flocks of birds flying and chittering and calling out all day long.  Not so this afternoon.  What do birds have that alert them to something coming?  The only thing out there are a couple of crows.

So, I’ll try to post here if the power lets me.  The hurricane’s track is veering left and right enough so that no one is exactly clear where it will land.  The latest report says it will make landfall just east of Saint John and that means the higher rainfall levels will hit us; the highest winds are forecast to be on the east side of the storm and the highest rain on the west side.  EMO predicts the wind will cause damage to limbs and trees and that is what will cause the power outtages.

It doesn’t help the situation AT ALL that Saint John is at high tide, or will be during the storm.  The Fundy Coast has the highest tides in the world; in the neighbourhood of 28 feet during the highest levels.  The storm surge then will be more destructive than if it were low tide.

And doesn’t it seem these storms always come through at NIGHT?  In the DARK??

Catch y’all later, alligators!