Oh I hate it when people can’t agree on things!

Doctor “A” said I did not have anemia.

Today, Doctor “B” says I do.

Both commenting as a result of the same bloodwork taken at the end of July 2008.

Doctor “A” is an ER physician who treated me when I showed up there needing a little help with some female plumbing problems.  Whether or not a lady is entering premenopause it is never okay to menstruate for 11 weeks break for 10 days and then do round #2 for another 3 weeks.

Doctor “B” is the cardiologist I saw today, to check out the electrical blips of my heart.  He accessed all tests that have been done since I came to this province 15 months ago. 

This also results from having no family doctor…although as of last Thursday we have one!  By some stroke of good fortune the NEW DENTIST & her crew that we saw over the last 2 weeks mentioned they thought there was a new doctor in town and gave me the number.  Halleluliah I called the number and there was!! 

You cannot imagine the sheer relief and joy at having one practitioner sit down and review the whole medical history and start taking charge of the whole individual vice one tiny problem.  I’ve been all over the place having bloodwork here, a prescription there, an IV to slow my heart yet at another place…oh and through in that ultrasound too, for good measure!  No one was forwarding this information to anyone and I certainly wasn’t getting any results…. now that lovely new family doctor is gathering everything in one place and then we will go forward.

Back to the issue of the day for now.  I specifically requested the anemia test back in July just prior to taking daughter and Alberta friend off for a driving holiday across part of Canada and the United States.  Having non-stop bleeding for so many weeks I was concerned about anemia and how it might affect the driving…or, more acurately, the driver (me).  The test was taken and the ER doctor assured me it was fine.  He suggested I take an iron supplement if I wanted but didn’t see a need for it.  So I didn’t.

Then, today while reviewing that same bloodwork the cardiologist noted I had anemia.  I stopped him in AMAZEMENT and asked where he got that info from!  We had one of those “no-I-don’t-yes-you-do” conversations for a minute.  I’m sure he gazed at his gazillion medical degrees hanging on his office wall’s wondering about arguing about interpreting a blood test, with someone “off the street”.  The irony (get it? Irony?  Iron?  Ha ha, I crack myself up!) was not lost on me though.  Eventually we agreed that ok I do have anemia but it is not severe (or wasn’t as of that date).  He suggested a drastic…or dramatic? Hmmm… response to bring the level up.  Like iron supplements 3 times a day for at least 6 weeks.  Great, I’ll be able to build a rock garden from my poops that will be harder than cement.  I’ll have to add a laxative of some sort to my wonderful morning cocktail.  Yes, life is lookin’ mighty tasty these days.

Then he mentioned the results of the ultrasound which indicate a cyst but beyond that he really didn’t know anything.  We’re talking a heart specialist here not a radiologist or whomever it is who reads ultrasounds.  So now the results are being sent to the family doctor and I will go over it with him.

There are a few choices regarding my heart, all of it good…ok, well, almost all!  I can opt to do nothing and just go the ER when it starts to race.  Just THINKING about having to go back there makes the ol’ pump skip a beat or two!  Then I could carry a pill or two for my pocket, for when the ticker starts to speed up.  The third option is to feed a catheter up some tiny vein or artery – while I’m AWAKE – to my heart and zap the spot on my heart that is sending out the wrong electrical signals.  The disadvantage to this procedure is that in 1% of the cases that catheter accidentally punctures the heart and causes some REAL problems then!   Are you surprised I passed up on that procedure?

Then the doctor had a brainwave.  There’s a drug available that will act to bring my blood pressure down AND  keep my heart in tickedy-boo shape.

Who knew?!