I hate homework.

I truly, truly HATE homework.

Yet I am the eternal student who loves to learn.  Who is always learning something new.

So…why do I hate homework?

Let me clarify just a bit:  I hate it when my son has homework!

School is hard on him.  The social aspect is impossible to understand because of his Asperger’s Syndrome and the academic side is difficult because he learns at a slower rate than others and is behind in some important skills…like reading.  Or writing.  To understand what I’m talking about here’s a recap of the last 2 days:

Yesterday.  Son kicks the aluminum screen door then the front wooden door.  They are banged open and his backpack thrown on the floor.  Things start flying and he starts yelling.  It escalates and he starts hitting kitchen appliances.  I finally explode when he repeatedly slams the fridge door so that:

a.  The fridge moves backwards and dents the wall repeatedly

b.  The shelf snaps off on the door

c.  Everything on the shelf falls onto the kitchen floor

All because of homework.  As I had to dash daughter off to the dentist, son was sent to his room to calm down.  He slammed the hall walls, slammed his door (the trim is gone from the door; broke during other tantrums) and screamed and cried.

Hubby came home while I was out and he tackled homework with son and kept him out of my way so I could calm down.  By this morning I felt more like normal.

Then he gets home from school today.  I spent 1-1/2 hours with him in his room, listening to him cry and complain about how hard his schoolwork is and how stressed he is.  He is worked up so I try to talk him through seeing the situation rationally.  He doesn’t get it.  He thinks his teachers personally single him and dump homework on him.

Hubby comes home and helps son with his Science homework.  I can’t help with that as it is just completely out of my league.  Later on though, Son asks for help with his computer-aided-design homework (which did NOT use computer help today) to draw 4 views of 4 different boxes.  That took between 1-1/2 hrs to 2 hrs.  During this time Son continually fidgetted, laughed, poked papers and asked endless questions about other subjects.  We finished at 9 pm.  He didn’t bring home part of his homework so the entire afternoon and evening was spent on schoolwork and we didn’t even have half the assignments!

By now I am exhausted and so is Son.  I’ve lost my temper once or twice because he is lippy and has some smart-aleck answer to every question I pose him with.  I am drained and have no energy for anything.  Son bounces back to normal within a few minutes.;  Not me though; I don’t bounce at all anymore!

I’ll write more later; too tired for much else…