It is 1 am and do you know where your mother is?  This one is at the computer trying to minimize tummy discomfort from taking an iron pill on an empty stomache.

OOOOooooooooooooooo that’s a big no-no!  See if I do that again!  Last night son and I worked on his essay for 4 hours.  You read right; for 4 hours.  This is the same essay that I said I wasn’t going to help him with.  period.

I meant it too.

Then he started to cry and get hysterical and his anxiety mounted until I couldn’t take that a moment longer.  He was frozen in the face of even starting the essay.  I mostly scribed for him (by typing as he talked) and laid out the outline as well.

I guess that makes me one of those bad mothers we read about.

The thing is, this kid isn’t going to be writing any novel when he grows up.  I doubt he will writing anything at all.  Therefore, the point of it all is to try to teach him somethings and to get him to pass.

How about some photos taken recently?

This was taken at a park where I let the dogs out to run.  That’s the major river in the background and these beautiful yellow flowers celebrated the colour wheel.  The truth be told though ~ I think they are weeds!


  How about this cool statue located nearby?   The tin, or steel, man holds different coloured glass balls that catch and reflect the light; beautiful blues, reds and greens. 

~ Later…it’s 1 pm now, 12 hours later.  I crashed and burned while writing the last sentence there and when I reread it just now, well uh-oh.  It didn’t make any sense!  I’ve slept the entire morning away but now I feel better.  Yes, I did take another iron pill WITH food this morning in between naps, thanks for asking.

Let’s check out a few more photos of random shots taken lately.  All the colour and sun makes me feel warm and cozy even though it is grey and raining outside right now.


This picture was taken just recently.  I can’t recall the name of those flowers in front but it is an awesome garden.  I drive the “scenic” route into the city so I can visit this garden and see the views from the photos I posted above.  Along with the nature and gardens there are beautiful old and new homes situated on this river drive as well.

This old station house is located close to our home.  Hubby read the plaque attached to the building while I wrestled with our 2 dogs.  Thanks ya mutts!  This building is now privately owned but I didn’t get a clear look it is a business ~ which I’m pretty sure it is.  It is well up-kept.

This lovely building is an original structure with some interesting history accompanying it.  The next photo is the dedicated plaque attached to the bottom of the driveway.  The station building and this structure are located just off the scenic route but one would not know they were just beyond the street if he didn’t drive off the beaten path.  That’s why I love Sunday drives to just anywhere the mood strikes me ~ I always find neat places like these.


Here is the history behind the black and white building in the photo above this one.  The first road was paved to here and royalty visited!  You know….our lawyer’s family name is Pugsley…coincidence?  Or not?  I’ll ask next time I see him!

Time to go fold some laundry.

Lots of it.

Drat, it didn’t fold itself!

Then, off to …wait for it….  

wait for it….

OUR FAMILY DOCTOR!!  Yipee!  Never thought I’d get excited to hear THAT!

Time for the kids to meet the fellow and start up some files.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I’ve got more to share another day, from other sunny days.