Well long time no hear, huh? The beautiful, glowing fall folliage captured my attention this past week because it doesn’t stay this way for long! I’m back and I want to show you a special garden I discovered recently.

Daughter helped out “closing the garden” for winter. At least that is what was on the agenda…although by the looks of that water gun, maybe the best intentions went out the window?

Next spring and summer I plan to return to this garden to capture its flowers through the seasons. This work of art has been carefully tended to for the past several decades. Over at my place we have one measly garden going ~ but here, there are surprises everywhere! On this particular sunny day I hastily snapped some photos, keeping ahead of the working “chain gang” as they came behind to put everything away for the winter.

yeah, remember? I live in the land of snow and damp cold! Where cute garden things made of plaster or plastic will crack and shatter in the cold. I can envision this lovely garden girl waking up during the dark hours of night and stepping lightly through the plants and flowers to visit her friends, who hang out in other areas of the garden.

Like these fairies, for instance. The owner of this garden painted these girls and once the flowers are in full bloom they sit well among the colour. Now that the summer season is gone though, these little statues peek out here and there. It looks like the younger fairy is saying something important to the bigger fairy – either a big sister, a friend or a mother, I imagine. You can see they have a bond.

In another part of the garden, another fairy rests her wings. If you can see this fairy up close you will detect the faintest of glitter on her person. She twinkled in the sunlight and seemed happy for the company.

I found this branch of red berries which spurred me on to this picture. Just after taking this shot though, a more brilliant red colour popped into my view ~

on a branch were the brightest red berries I can recall seeing. So, what to do but capture the moment!

Other than a pleasant tour through this garden, the nights have been quiet.

It is super late so I will write more this weekend.