First, I give you my REAL face ~ as a “treat” on Halloween, I take off the mask I wear for the rest of the year!

So when y’all tell me how good I look with my makeup…well, gee…THANKS!

Most of my kids’ Halloweens were spent in Alberta. There, if you don’t have your xmas lights up by 31 October, forget it. You probably won’t ~ it turns into winter overnight. Usually it snows right around Halloween as well, and if it does, it stays. Yes, it stays until spring.

Need proof?

Check out these photos from a couple of years back:

Check out my little witch in between the snowflakes! That’s right ~ and don’t forget to admire the amount of snow her winter boots are sinking into! Daughter’s hair blew all over with the gusts of wind and being quite wintery, she opted to walk instead of using the broom to get around (ha ha ha).

This is son’s outfit on the same Hallloween. It remains one of his favourites. It’s a shame those red, glowing eyes didn’t zap the snow away!

In Alberta the kids often wear snowsuits or other heavy garments over their costumes because of the bitter cold. There were one or two Halloweens that were quite mild but you just never knew and our house ALWAYS had the xmas lights up (and LIT) for Halloween!

Here is an example of one of my pumpkins. This one was for my son and it was the same year as the photo above ~ art imitating life?

This cute pumpkin was daughter’s carving from last year. Imagine if we had put glow-in-the-dark lipstick on her for after dark (she’s not a x-rated pumpkin though, so daughter had to keep the makeup lowkey hee hee hee)…

This is my pumpkin from last year. Yes, I did take the biggest one although the three of us chose our own ones to carve and decorate. Originally I was going to put an eye patch on my pirate but saw this neat way of making eyes while flipping through a Halloween magazine. He’s one of my favourites so far.

I LOVE this scene! The tombstone reads, “Robin Graves…born…died…”. It was displayed in front of a home not far from my place. I hope these guys build another cool scene for this Halloween! It is so much fun to drive by homes like these and enjoy the enthusiasm some have for decorating.

Here is another home located in my general area. Hubby and I were strolling along on a fine Sunday afternoon last year when this popped into view. It looked so darned happy up there, shining beneath the blue, sunny sky. I’d imagine it was tied down or there could have been frightened calls to the police some windy night, with claims that the “Great Pumpkin” was flying through the sky!

This is a small portion of my Halloween town collection that is put out each October. There is a mixture of spooky & spice ~ Micheal’s sold the “Sugar and Spice” houses one Halloween and I purchased a number of them when they were cleared out after. I also like adding scenes and “things” each year to expand the town a little.

If I put it out this year then I will snap some more photos and show you this year’s decor. I just have to get the energy to dig out the boxes and take it all out.