Let me introduce you to Elasta-Girl….

Don’t let those gorgeous looks fool you ~ beneath the skin lurks something sinister.


I’m not talking Rice Krispies cereal with milk, either.

This is about relaxed ligaments. Ligaments that are too loose. Ligaments that should never have been allowed out to party!

BAD ligaments, BAD ligaments!

Daughter could contort into amazing yoga positions without even stretching. Her arms rotate back at an angle that had this mother’s eyeballs pop! All that snap-crackle-popping from her neck to her toe joints would be the sound of the joints snapping back into place. Seems the girl is loose.

Not relaxed, just loose.

Loose-LIGAMENTS, people! Puh-leaze; she is only 14!!! This blog is rated “G” for general!!

If elasta-girl continues down this narrow road then Humpty Dumpty is gonna have a little buddy that can’t be put back together again either – without surgery, that is.

So, effective immediately, amazing Elasta-girl is not to snap-crackle-pop anymore. No more push-ups, badminton or goose-stepping until the muscles have been built stronger and better to hold everything closer.

The first step is simple exercises to strenthen the muscles along her shoulders, arms, back and front. This will hopefully keep the shoulder blade (as in BONE) flatter against her rib cage which in turn, will help keep the shoulder joint in place and working properly.

The next step will be adding exercises for other parts of the body to well…build her better…stronger…faster than before…

oh, oops! Got kinda’ carried away there for a second and mistakened her for the $6 million man!! (uh…substitute $6 million woman and we’re in the right neighbourhood by the time she’s stuck back together!)

I still can’t get over the fact that her little freak-mom-out party trick actually turned out to be something that will cause her grief later on in life and possibly surgery… some mother I am!


No mother of the year award for me!