I finished day #2 of work today.

My hours are 9 am to 5 pm.  I have never worked those hours with the Federal Government and I’m finding it a little hard to get home close to 6 pm!!  These hours work best for us, as a family, as I leave shortly before Son catches his bus AND I can drive daughter to school.  Son decided he wants to continue taking the bus after I leave (less time at school, don’t you know?).  Hubby gets home from work around 4 pm and that means that Son is home alone for about a half hour.  He should be able to handle that.

The first day I was utterly and completely exhausted.  I crawled home, snarfled supper down (what else do you call it when you plant your face in the plate and inhale whatever you can?) and staggered off to bed where I stayed until this morning.  Probably the excitement, etc. caught up to me.

It’s not a huge building but geez, I need a GPS to get around in there!  It is actually 2 buildings with an attachment built inbetween, linking the two.  Even better, the 2 buildings are on a hill meaning that one is higher than the other.  So if you are on the 2nd floor of one building….it doesn’t mean you are on the 2nd floor of the other building!  I am located at street level of the higher building but other offices are located in the lower building…but at a higher floor.

I tried the stairs and got hopelessly lost.  I’d still be in there somewhere, if it weren’t for that sweet lady who is training me.  They ought to send out new employees with flares for emergencies like getting lost!!  I stick to the elevators at the moment because they are really close to the doors I need to worry about.

Being in a different department is playing head tricks on me.  I’ve spent all my years with the Department of National Defence and am used to its acronyms, ranks, etc.  Now I am in something completely different and I asked for an organizational chart to try to keep track of Border Services Officers….management…plus other departmental figures.  I figured the “Chief” was the “Chief” but he is “Chief of Operations” for the office….*sigh*… I have slipped up and called him “sir” a couple of times already.

Anyway it’s office work, it pays well…well, it WILL once my file gets transferred from Alberta.  I already faxed a copy of my letter of acceptance back there so they can MOVE on transferring me.  I am sure they want rid of me as much as I want to be permanently removed from them!!

I have lots to do before bed and not much time to do it…so I have to run.  I’ll try to get back and catch up soon…..