Day 3 on the job and I was quite lively, thank you.  I remembered to bring a radio finally.  All that silence was just too much!  I also drank something with caffeine in it after lunch, to make sure I didn’t nap like a coworker of mine.  Of course, he’s been working almost as long as I’ve been walking on this good earth…so he deserves a rest here and there!

It was take your grade-9-kid-to-work-day here in Canada.  Mine are both in grade 10 this year and I was so disappointed now that I work in a totally cool place.  A class of grade 9s came through the Border Services office and, as part of their “tour”, a demonstration with a Border Services dog was presented.  Prior to anyone showing up, or the dog being released from the vehicle, small quantities of “soft” drugs were hidden in the area the demonstration was given.  Then the dog was brought out and set on his way to do his job.

Let me tell you, as one fellow put it, there was the happiest employee in the Canadian Government!  We would do well to learn from this dog ~ he had unbridled joy and enthusiasm for his work and savoured the attention he got when he made a find.  If only we humans were 1/10th as excited about our jobs!  He is just as happy when routing through real search missions.  Maybe if I stick a tail on my backside, so I have something to wag….. ha ha ha!

I learned some interesting things listening to the presentation too.  I think I asked more questions than the kids, actually…..heh heh heh…. oh well.  I gotta learn about the job somehow, right?  Apparently Canada is in the process of arming our Border Services Officers; in fact, there are some already in place in St. Stephen, New Brunswick.  Considering what they deal with – or potentially deal with – on a daily basis, perhaps it is time to give them some power.

I am not clear on what I can say or not so I’m afraid it’ll be mum’s the word about particulars.  I can tell you this though…. don’t call those guys “Border Guards” …!!!  It doesn’t sit well.  Trust me.  Really!

I no longer have that utter exhaustion from the first day, either.  I must be settling in to a new routine.  Yesterday I was a bit more chipper than Monday and today I’m back to the “good ol’ days” when I can come home and actually function for a while before crashing on the couch.  If you want to see some real action though, catch me on payday!!  It’ll be some fun dancing then.

It’s crazy trying to get into a new routine though.  It’s like I said before.  No sooner do you get settled into one thing, then something new comes along to scatter all the best laid plans.  Maybe in another week!

Now, how about that election in the States?  It was going to be historic, one way or another.  It is truly amazing that an African-American made it to the highest office in the U.S. in my lifetime.  Even more incredible, that this guy is a mere 3 years older than I am!  Holy cow!  He’s at the top of the food chain and here I am, bottom feeder!  The difference between planning your future and not?  Still, he is taking on a job that I don’t envy.  He’s jumping in at a very low point for the country with an Economic crisis looming (or crashing as we speak?) and all that business overseas.  Good luck to him and may he bring good changes to y’all south of the border!

Halloween was short and sweet.  It was a beautiful night; warmish, clear sky….but not as many trick-o-treaters as other years.  What gives with that?  Son did a little trick-o-treating with his cousin while daughter was busy at school.  She went decked out as a dark fairy; I’ll upload some photos this weekend because her costume was pretty cool!  Son went as Death; I painted his face and made him look scary.  I was scariest of all apparently; I put on a witches’ wig that has gnarled up with time and slapped a witch’s hat over that.  I scared even myself for heaven’s sake!  It scored me some Halloween candy though…..

We got enough to give ourselves the usual tummy ache.  Thank goodness the next day was Saturday so we could groan and roll around in the comfort of our own home!  You know, I didn’t even carve a pumpkin this year.  I think all things Halloweeny are going by the wayside with my kids getting older.  I did visit a house that is the ultimate Halloween place.  I “ooohhed” and “aaaaahhhed” over all the decorations and miniature houses, etc.  They have the spirit!

Well, it’s time to hit the chores or no one will be eating lunch tomorrow.

Did I say anything about how much I’m looking forward to my first weekend????