Now that Halloween is, like, totally over….time for a recap ~ complete with pictures!

First, a groovy dude camped out and around the place.  I’m pretty sure I lived through the 70s once, but hey ~ with cuties like this around, why NOT a second time?


Not everyone went for the groove though…


Some think it’s better if the 70s stay there!

The two photos above were taken just prior to Son, Nephew and I going through the local zoo’s haunted trail.  It was a great night for wandering along the spook trail ~ dark.  While waiting to enter the haunted zone we could hear screaming now and then.  Nothing to worry about, right?

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!  The path took us past a rather upset zebra, who was kicking and running back and forth in his pen.  Maybe he was warning us about the witch waiting right behind the barn door?  I didn’t even have a chance to recover from the green face floating in front of me before a huge *THUNK* cracked on the floor above us.  That did it for son, who doesn’t like to be scared out of his wits!  We held hands the rest of the trail ~ he did do the whole thing, albeit pleading with me to get out of there!  I would have taken him back to safer ground but to get there meant walking, by ourselves – alone – through dark paths.  Yeah, just what he needed!

The group we were in tended to scatter in clumps.  Unfortunately that meant the guide and his light went forward quickly with those who could keep up.  As we couldn’t see the path or where it went, we shuffled along cautiously and often fell behind.  That made us in front of the second group.

In the dark.

By ourselves.

That meant we became the next targets of whatever was lurking off the path; just behind yonder tree or behind the black curtain fluttering across the path.  Nephew got it the worst though; he would get caught up with the group in front, realize he was no longer with us, then try to come back to find us.  Which left him alone.  All. by. himself. on. the. dark. path.

Son was totally creeped out by the chainsaw man; Freddy or Jason on loan for the night, perhaps?  By the time we made it back to lights and civilization a half hour of terror had passed for Son and he wasn’t having fun.  Fortunately Nephew did and so did I.  I’m thinking I might invite Nephew’s older brothers next year.  The one, in particular, who likes to scare Nephew.  Send him out there by himself.

Heh heh heh.

This Halloween the weather was perfect.  Not too cold and not too hot.  So where were the kids?  Last year we had over 100 kids and were running out of candy.  This year barely half the bowl was given out to little ghouls and goblins.  What happened?  Was it because it was a Friday night and there were parties to go to?  Did a segment of society suddenly age beyond trick-o-treating?  Son went out for a bit with his cousin.  Daughter was busy at school and then she headed off to a party —where she ended up spending the night in that cute little costume I’m about to show you.  Ugh.  Not the comfy flannel pjs I like to sleep in! 

First though, another shot of Groovy Guy


I’m pretty sure I told you that daughter opted for a different kind of costume this year.  She decided that the Dark Fairy look was suitable for her teen spirit.  Much to her dismay I called her the Halloween Fairy and was ruthlessly corrected that no, she was in fact, a Dark Fairy!  No matter, it is without a doubt that daughter has crossed the threshold into older teen stuff and no more the kiddie games and costumes!


Yes folks, that is my little girl.  All grown up.  This is her in the morning, just before heading off to school.  During school she saw her cousin and stopped in front of him.  He kind of glanced at her then shrugged as if to say some weird kid was hanging close by.  Daughter finally had to …. what the heck was it?…. kick him?  slap him?….hit him with the wand?  Before he realized it was his cousin.  It’s fun to completely transform unexpectedly and to her credit she actually wore those spiked, pointy boots for hours and hours and hours and….



Careful folks!  There’s a spell being cast here ~ notice she is glowing and sparkling?


EEEK!!  She’s casting a spell on the youngest cousin!  I’ll bet that sweet little girl never looks like that on a normal day!  Neither girl will ever be the same again!  Hmmm…maybe little niece was triumphant because she managed to get out of bed to see the Dark Fairy after her father chastised me for NOT HELPING her to sleep!  Little niece is sporting a new, cute do but the angle and face doesn’t do it poetic justice…it’s an asymmetrical cut that looks sporty and swanky on this energetic bunny.


It is sooooo hard to be serious when pink hair is tickling you!  Little niece wanted to go with her cousin to the party but sadly, it was way past little one’s bedtime and some parties aren’t for wee ones such as her.  Of course, hearing that daughter never went to bed until the next morning leads me to think that….*sigh*…. oh nothing.  Teens can talk for hours about nothing, right?  Giggle and all that?