This is the last post for Halloween.  If I don’t get it up now I never will!

Here are a few decorations I put up in the house this year









The menu is more colourful than it shows here ~ of course, this is our normal menu..

And now…

Let me take you to my special town ~

My HALLOWEEN TOWN!!  You can see it set up in the photo below.  A couple of years ago Micheal’s sold the “Sugar and Spice” line of Halloween houses & people.  I only saw it for a year or two before it was cleared out at tremendous sale prices.  I bought as much as I could…kind of like Hansel and Gretel’s witch I figured it would attract children. 

Now that my kids are older I am working on a spookier side of town.  In the picture below you can see the start of it to the far right.  There’s an entrance to the cemetary and the more spooky-looking stuff.  In a couple of years there will be the kids’ town and the adults’ town side-by-side but never encroaching on each other’s turf! 

Come for a trip and see what is there:


The Black Hat Costume Company store.  Note the candy corn roof and ice-cream cone to the side?


If cones aren’t your thing then mosey on down to the Candy Crypt.  I see someone has already discovered the stash hidden in the coffin by the door. 


Oops – you are headed the wrong way!  This is the entrance to the spooky cemetary where good citizens won’t go after dark!  The lights are on and the sky is dimming quickly so we must head back to the candy town for now.  We’ll visit the wrong side of town another time.


Here is one of the witches you must watch out for; this one likes to fly around, dragging her cake underneath her.  There are other witches about so look up and about now and then and DUCK if you hear cackling!


Don’t let this ghoul, goblin or monster fool you; underneath is a happy kid who can’t wait to “trick” you for a treat!


Running a town can be expensive ~ not to mention a home ~ so this Candy town sells tickets so you can tour all their wonderful creations and maybe help yourself to a crunchy candy or two.  This gingerbread person can’t wait to sell you a ticket!


You will see all kinds of wonderful costumes in this Halloween town.  Among the ghouls and witches you might also come across a friendly pirate or two, ready to share his loot with you!


All about town there are costumes and candy waiting for you.  Won’t you join us next year on Halloween?


I call this one the pumpkin house. The mother is outside, waiting for you to run up for some treats.  It’s getting dark so the lights are on and her scarecrows are happy pumpkins.


Hansel and Gretel made it out of that nasty forest, after all.  They spend their Halloweens rolling pumpkin pies around town and wearing silly hats to celebrate their grand escape from the witch’s house.  They would be more than happy to give you a piece of pie, if you are craving a bit of pumpkin this year.


Oooooooo ~ come away from there!  These pumpkins belong to the wrong side of town: the dark and creepy side!  Things are black and spooky and look: that kitty is fluffed up and hissing!  There are things that go bump in the night in this place and there are no happy little children run around.



…and so ends a little tour of my Halloween town.  I hope you enjoyed meeting some of the townsfolk and come again next year to see who else might move in over the year.