Wow….I need a moment to catch my breath ~ and then an hour to post some of those photos from around town! Working full time sure cuts down on the leisure time! So let’s see…I have to go to work tomorrow so I don’t have time to upload any pictures, so let me tell you how my life is going. Today, for example:

5:30 am. Rise, put dogs in car, drive to where there is a sidewalk AND lights. That way the black dogs and I are less of a target for speedy drivers in the wee hours. Freakin’ cold so move them paws faster puppies!

6:30 am. Back home. Jump in shower, fix hair (forget the face; can’t help IT today), make sure son’s backpack has keys, water bottle, all his homework, gym clothes ~ but no lunch. Get him up. Make his breakfast; open curtains to let light in, turn off lights, warm up vehicle, write cheque for daughter’s yearbook, write note for hubby, check bank account status (oh, is THAT all?), pack my work bag.

8:10 am. Say good-bye to son, ensure all animals are inside. Make sure alarm is set to remind son to get ready for the bus’s arrival. Hop in vehicle with daughter and roar off into the dawn. Drop daughter off at school, head into city for work.

8:35 am. Huff and puff and blow MYSELF down climbing up the steepest block aside from Mount Everest. Gulp for air with eyes bulging, while scrounging around for puffer. THEN, inhale fresh air deep into lungs and start a wicked coughing spasm. Great. Head into work half-dead, sweating, gagging and dragging my bags behind me.

Work until noon. Discover that instead of signing my job title as, “Port Clerk, Canada Border Services Agency” I’d actually written, “PORK Clerk….”. Cripes, wrote it in INK AND FAXED IT TO A BUSINESS!! I can never show my face around here again!

Drive back to the kids’ school, pick kids up. Stop off at home then head off to doctor’s for appointments. Waited a LONG time to see doctor but waited inside the small and VERY stuffy waiting room because daughter pointed out we need a supervisor for the 3 of us when we’re waiting anywhere together for any amount of time. Appointments over, head to Walmart.

Shop there, head home. Oops – son invited cousin over, so NOT home, but to sister-in-laws to get nephew. Right. There’s hubby car at his parents’ place. Okay, son get cousin while I go over and see what hubby is up to. Hubby, daughter has physio appointment in an hour and everyone needs to eat. No, don’t look at your Mum and Dad as if you can THERE and eat with THEM!! WE need you!

Back to vehicle. Drive home with extra kid in tow. Feed the dogs, run them outside as their eyes are crossing as well as their legs. Feed daughter, give hubby suggestion for boys’ dinner. Head off to phsyio and dropped daughter off. Gassed up vehicle then dropped off prescriptions. Hung around and picked up prescriptions then daughter called for pick up. Dropped her off at home and went to visit in-laws for xmas talk.

Let there, called home on cellphone to get nephew ready for ride home.

Took nephew home, son came along for the ride.

On the way back we saw a deer travelling up our road; wandering from property to property and along the street. Followed him until he was off the dark road, went home. *sigh*….put the leashes on the dogs and took them out for a walk. This time there is no smell to the doggie litter bags because I discovered 2 days ago that someone (probably me), put a partially “used” dog bag in the big bag and forgot about it. And then tossed the doggie bag in the front closet. Eeew, grosssssss, EEEEEEEKKK! yes, I put my hand in the bag, looking for a miscellaneous bag to pick up doggy doo-doo, only to have my hand pick up the “used” bag and squish it…wondering what it was. I will NEVER be the same again!

9:30 pm. Back home. For the night. Many hours later. Oh yeah ~ need supper; grab some cereal. Lights out and good-night!!
Back up a day though. Yesterday hubby worked overtime until close to midnight. Daughter was busy at school which left son at home alone. For 2 hours until I could get there. He tried to take a shower but some unfamiliar noises spooked him. He called me in a panic and I spent a long time calming him down. Just as he was starting to relax his phone died. We crossed wires for several minutes trying to call each other until we re-connected. So much for relaxed. By now it was dark to add to his imagination. I told him that no, I honestly didn’t think a burglar was stealing our tv downstairs. Nor did I think that someone was creeping up the stairs just to scare him. No I wouldn’t call the police just yet and please would he quit yelling that he was going to kick the burglar’s butt!!

I switched phones to my cellphone and left work. The other occupants of my workplace must wonder what kind of a home situation I have but oh well. It tough times let it all hang out. I talked with son for a while and thank goodness, he reasoned he was safe and there was no one in the house with him (besides 2 stupid dogs and 2 lazy cats) because MY phone died! We rounded the evening off by watching “Tropic Thunder”.

Now why does a good movie have to always include something so raunchy and disgusting as to disturb every viewer? What is so critical about 1 minute of a revolting dialogue and scene, that the director felt it must stay in the movie? Tom Cruise WAS hilarious in his role and in the dance scene at the end of the movie. Rock on, dude!

My entire week is like those paragraphs above. Tomorrow is Friday and a fresh, new start. Yipee ~ sleeping in on Saturday!

With sleep on my mind, it is time to hit the sack and chill. Good-night, y’all.