…ok, so I’m miserable. There’s a bug running rampant through the house and although I fought getting it, tooth and nail, it finally got me a few days ago. It’s that cold you get around Christmas.

The one that makes your eyes water and nose run at the w-o-r-s-t possible time ~ to say nothing of that scratchy cough that just won’t quit. Today I opted to rest in the hopes it will help me recover sooner. When the cold starts settling down into the upper portion of your airways and lungs, it is definately time to rest!

{I have a pet peeve about computer use…one of the reasons I really want my OWN computer station. Other users wipe out the cookies I’ve set or the sign ons. Then I have to hunt down the freakin’ passwords and log back in to everything. Annoying is a mild form of what that does to me}

Good. That’s out of the way. Wish I felt better though! I think hubby has saved Christmas in our home. He put up some twinkly lights outside so our home spreads a bit of good cheer along with the other bright and colourful homes. There is no tree up nor a bulb hanging from anything. I don’t mind…there’s a lot of boxes downstairs, in a haphazard fashion as hubby is working on the new bathroom. Some of those boxes hold our ornaments but it seems like a lot of work to pull them out!

I will say this ~ and I KNOW daughter reads this blog ~ that hubby and I got daughter the P.E.F.E.C.T gift! Remember we said that this year would be one gift and a stocking only? Well I’m so excited about her gift ’cause I know she is going to love it! How many days and counting, sweetie? Just stepping up the anticipation for you!

I have my gift you could say. I might have mentioned it in the last post; the Cricut Computer system went on for half price about a week or two ago and that is what I got. I’ve already been using it and wish I were well enough to get back to it! It is so much fun!

Oh and our new toy arrived finally! Is it just fate that it showed up the same day as all that wet, nasty snow/slush? Mother Nature getting a good laugh in? I shovelled all right. As did hubby the night before. Yeah, bring it on – ’cause a bright, red SNOWBLOWER is now sitting patiently in our garage just waiting for the right moment. The weather is strange right now; a freak snowstorm in the morning; threat of a THUNDERshower in the afternoon! Everything coated in ice for a few hours….then a balmy 14 degrees (Celsius, folks!) with a bit of wind to blow the ice away. I’m not sure how many seasons to dress for when I step out of the house in the morning!! Winter boots or umbrella? Mitts or rainboots?

I am settling very well into my job. I’m learning some new tasks that I haven’t performed in previous jobs so am enjoying the challenge. It involves lots of numbers…lots and lots of teeny numbers, all jumbled up. Even with my trifocals my eyes get a little blurry after a while of juggling between all those zeros, ones and twos…. how about quadfocals perhaps? I have started to introduce some changes into the workplace, concentrating on tasks that organizes paperwork or consolidates supplies in ideal locations. Up until now it was standard practise to lock up the pens and paper…which bothers me at an elementary level as a responsible adult. The people I work for are tasked to perform dangerous duties at times, to search ships and freight…. but still they cannot be trusted to help themselves to scratch pads and pens as necessary? Not in my world! I am happy to report that since moving the supplies to a common area, nothing has disappeared that hasn’t re-appeared. Such a small thing. Yet such a big difference to the perception of your worth. I am also working on introducing them to the fact that the clerk works for THEM and essentially MY job is to make THEIR jobs easier. By taking care of the small stuff then they are more productive in THEIR tasks. It is not beneath my station to do small things like ensuring the pen supply is adequate and the mail is delivered in a timely manner. I am paid very well to ensure the smooth operation of the clerical side of the office and is what I count as a strength of mine. Anyone can do my job – it is HOW I do it that makes me different.

At this time of the year thoughts turn to family and friends. In my last post I said I would touch on the subject of friends. With a stuffy nose and weepy eyes and a burgeoning headache however, I must set it aside for yet another post.

I’d like to say bonvoyage to my sister, who leaves for a much-earned vacation in England with her family. She’s been looking forward to this for months and the last few days has seen snow and a transit strike in her location…making EVERYTHING ordinary next to impossible. So, as she & her hubby and those 2 darlings kids of hers step up for a transatlantic flight ~ have an awesome time! See you on the flip side and Merry Christmas to you all: xoxoxox