In a word: ICE

Another snow day for the kids! Boy, my teens were heartbroken over that one, let me tell you! This, after they had Monday and Tuesday off as well. A nice, easy week for them to start the second semester of school.

It’s the ice that is the problem around here. We lived in Alberta for 10 years and I only recall one time the kids’ school closed out there – and that was due to a power outage! If the temperatures dipped below – 30 degrees Celsius, the school buses stopped running but the schools stayed open. The buses wouldn’t operate in case of a breakdown in an area where help could take a while. There are a lot of rural areas out there and imagine stranding some young children in bitter cold for any length of time?

Here, the road conditions determine school closures. This is our second winter here in a number of years and boy, this is like the 4th or 5th snow day THIS SEASON!! Is this an extaordinarily BAD winter or normal? Our driveway was a sheet of ice this morning. Lawns glitter ominously – the layer of snow, rained on and then frozen. It’s absolutely crazy!

By the way, kudos to the Border Services officers and RCMP officers who pressed charges against the crew member on a ship, discovered to have child porn on his computer. This occurred earlier this week, in New Brunswick. Throw the book at that slime and set an example that any person, domestic or foreign caught with child pornography, had better fear the Canadian Justice System. I’m appalled at the amount of it running rampant through the world (thanks to computers) and its continuous feature on the news…. these are CHILDREN we are talking about and it does not matter WHERE they are from. The filth who are caught with this stuff deserve a fate far, FAR worse than what someone has put those children through. Keep up the good work.

For those are wondering, I love my job. I enjoy being in a new environment, learning new things and meeting new people. My tasks keep me busy and you never know what a day will bring there. With the uncertain future during this economic crisis, I am very thankful to have a job I love and a stable income. I have held a few rotten, lousy, jobs working with assholes and so when something wonderful comes along, I am most appreciative. I would like readers of this blog to know that the Border Services Officers (used to be Customs & Immigration) work very hard to keep Canada safe. As with all professions and situations, such as the one currently playing in the news, there will always be missteps and things to learn from, but the range of their duties encompass far more than what the average Canadian realizes. As travellers, we get cranky or frustrated if meat products are confiscated at the Border, or something else is removed from our possession. It is quite likely that item poses a far more serious threat to our safety than you or I realize. It would not take a foreign bug or disease long to establish a foothold in our country and possibly decimate some sector of our industry, forestry, or farm animals, etc. So the next time you complain at the Border… take a moment and thank the Officer. He or she is protecting US and OUR country from a threat you might not even see.

On that note, time to go chip away at some more Canadian ice….I am SOOOO ready for winter to be finished!