When the weather is pleasant I like to walk at lunch when I’m working. It’s a way to become familiar with your surroundings and see places that would otherwise remain hidden. I work in a Port city that some think is a very dirty place. This is an old city, in fact, the first officially recognized port city in Canada.

Many of the original buildings still exist alongside newer and shinier buildings and homes. Fancy homes live a block or two from the poorer neighbourhoods and its dilapidated buildings and off-centre structures. Once the weather brightens up to decent walking weather I plan to take my trusty…er, BROKEN camera (flash is kaput) back out on the streets to capture more of the city in pictures.

red-door1Walking through the city, splashes of colour hit you in the most unlikely of places! Doors seem to be a favourite item to dress up as evidenced by this one.

house-by-workHow about this little wonder? It is located just a small block from where I work. I’m not sure how old the building is or if it is a business or a home. I’d love a tour through it though ~ does it live up to its beautiful outside potential? Or does someone reminiscent of the Addams Family live in there? Take a few years and shine off this building, add some cobwebs and grey and voila ~ Fester and Wednesday might possibly answer the door!

city-streetThis street is one or two over from my workplace. The Port City is hilly and the streets aren’t very wide. Dump a bunch of snow on that picture and you’ll end up with the mess we currently drive through. It is such a scenic walk however and the background is actually the sky over the Fundy Bay. Water, water everywhere – yet walk a block or two inland and there’s no hint of it to be seen!

church-and-red-doorSee what I mean about colour popping up in unlikely places? Whether this is someone’s loving gesture in taking care of the church or whether it is to catch your attention and make you realize it’s been a while since you stepped foot in a church…it catches your eye doesn’t it? In nice weather I’ve seen students and office workers sit on the steps and read or eat their lunch.

narrow-buildingThen there is special little number. What would possess someone to build this? What’s with the walkway…balcony?…between the two buildings? Why wasn’t an addition just added to the bigger building on the right? What – or who – occupies that narrow building on the left? There are many oddly-shaped buildings in this part of the city. Once the sidewalks are manageable again I will take some more pictures. There’s one in particular that catches my fancy and I’d love to see how the rooms are assembled inside.

So ends this little walking tour today….