To my American friends south of the border….I’m going to let you in on a little secret…wanna know how to spot a REAL Canadian?

He/she is the one holding a Tim Horton’s coffee! If it is anything else take note ~ it is an imposter!!Beware of Tim Horton imposters from competing brands or coffee drive-thru places.

How widespread is this Tim Horton coffee epidemic? It’s worse than you think ~ following case in point…

Last weekend on our way to Moncton, hubby innocently drives the “scenic” route. The backroads I mean, the slow boat to China route. I think it is for sight-seeing because there’s nothing like snow, snow, and more snow spread everywhere to bring tears of joy to my eyes. Then a sign appears in the distance and the jig is up.

The pull to stop at the nearest Tim Horton’s is inescapable from those who suffer from it.picture-029This is one of Timmy’s faithful victims. My poor husband. I shouldn’t really say POOR husband….as it was my KIDS who had to stop at every.single.Timmy’s.they.passed on their great adventure driving across Canada with their father a few summers back. Across this great land Timmy’s have sprung up everywhere. When they returned from their trip my kids starting crying at the sight of the ubiquitious Tim Horton’s sign. I didn’t understand their despair until I drove a portion of that return trip back to Edmonton, Alberta from Ottawa, Ontario. By the 3rd Timmy’s in a day’s drive I was seeing red. By the 8th Timmy’s it wasn’t a pretty sight in our van anymore……

Back to the scenic drive to Moncton. Everyone under the spell of Timmy’s simply cannot resist the urge to stop and fill up on hot coffee. Don’t believe me? Check this out:railroad-machine
This thing-amig-jig machine was coming down the railroad tracks when it stopped dead in its tracks. The operator, wearing a highly visible, flourescent coveralls, hopped out of the cabin and hoofed it over in our direction.

To the Coffee Shop behind us.

Oh yes ~ you guessed right; TIM HORTON’s!!

This amuses me to no end though. I am immune to this seductive pull.

I hate coffee.

I hate the smell of it let alone the taste.

Funny thing though…. I’m Canadian born….while Hubby is transplanted from the Great Emerald Isle.

Good thing there weren’t Timmy’s around when we got married back in the Dinosaur age (thanks, kids for that apt description) ~ how could 2 polar opposites ever find a common ground if it HAD existed?

i don’t even like Tim Horton’s DONUTS!!