Not that this is newsworthy at ALL ~ but another snowday swept through here on Thursday. The latest snowstorm wasn’t as bad as forecasted however the blowing snow creates havoc. The most difficulty I had was driving on roads that hadn’t been plowed yet or that were partially plowed.

Makes me love that snowblower in the pictures below! Hubby fires that thing up and away he goes. In a matter of a few minutes, driveway problem solved. Anyone remember last year? Here’s a reminder:starting-to-shovel
or my favourite “snow” picture from last winter:kristen-shovellingAs beautiful as my snow angel is, neither of us want a repeat performance of shovelling THAT stuff again! It took me forever to clear the driveway that day! Not only did I have to shovel the snow OFF the driveway but I had to move the snowbanks back so I had somewhere to toss the snow! I ended up pushing most of it across the road and into the ditch across from us. Thank heavens for that ditch – it saved my arms and back many a wintery day last year!

By the time I got home from work on Thursday, driveway problem solved. Handsome hubby to the rescue again. I LOVE that! Just drive straight into the garage and shut the garage door on Mother Nature.

I’ve been grappling with a rather strange problem the last couple of weeks. I’ve had swelling on my ankles – one, in particular. Although I am an….um…er… hefty lady… I’ve never had much problem with my circulation. Even though I’ve put on some weight (yeah…some) I’ve kept my dainty ankles. About the only thing dainty about me now, let me add! But even that is a here-today-gone-today fluctuating situation. Both swell a bit and I figure that’s age, weight, blah, blah, blah. But one is swelling up to 3 or 4 times its normal size and that just ain’t a pretty sight! I drink a lot of fluids – yes, water – and Im constantly walking. Some days I wake up to swollen ankles. Other times it/they swell during the day… the last 2 days I thought the skin would split down the middle and all that fluid would pour out. Most evenings I put my feet up to try to flush some of that stuff back up to where it belongs. Say, where DOES it belong? Last night I laid down at 7 pm because they were so bad. Except for getting up every.single.hour – AGAIN – to visit the washroom it wasn’t a half-bad night’s rest.

Poor hubby. He figured he’d relax last night after an evening of sanding down the crackfill in the lower level (almost ready to paint the new bathroom and hall – YIPEEEE). He’s been working very hard at it for the past month or so but being a Friday night, he wanted to end it on a relaxing note. So he broke out the Rye.

The FIRST rye and coke went down smoothly and tasted like another. Which I think then led to another. The funny thing is, the more relaxed you get…the more you tend to go heavy on the rye and light on the coke. I know he fell asleep down admist the dust and crackfill… but man, did he reek when he came up at 5 am!! Today is not going to start off as fast and happy as he thought. I’ll probably have to crack the window later…rye sits heavily in the air whether or not it’s digested! Hubby needs a day of rest and well, why waste such an opportunity? The hangover alone will ensure a decent day’s nap! So I’m up bright and early and am off to finish a work project. My ankles slimmed down to normal but they are starting to swell again.

Anyone for a popped/peeled grape? Ha ha ha ha ha