Greetings to all!

My apologies for the break in blogging.  I’m in the middle of a project at work that is taking a lot of my time temporarily.  Although the start-up and creating time takes huge chunks of time, the end result is a more efficient and streamlined way of running an office.  Or providing information to those who need it WHEN they need it – within reach of their fingertips and the press of a button or two, rather than the painful hunt for the same stuff, over and over and over.

The work requires most of my time to be spent on site, meaning after hours and on weekends until I am satisfied things are up and running well.  So please be patient in the meantime, I am popping over to blogs to read and say hi when I can!

Since my last post things are looking better than ever.  Yes, summer seems to have vanished overnight…how does it DO that, anyway?…and in the same night, Jack Frost came calling.  Leaves are turning their beautiful fall colours and the days have a slight crisp feel to the air, reminding one and all that those long, lazy days by the beach are over.  Except there were only a few of those this summer!  That really stank the big one, Mother nature, if you are listening.  Up here in “winter zone” we folk need a good stretch of hot, sticky swimming weather to be good and sick of the heat and boiling sun.  It makes us start to dream of cozy days by the fireplace, book in hand and snow gently falling outside.  We almost appreciate the cold.  When the summer instead, is cold and rainy, well we never get to that eager anticipation…and instead, start dreading dragging the snowblower out again.

On a positive note though – the fall atmosphere brought on another school year!    Yippee do-dah…!!!  Both kids started grade 11 (how is that possible?  Weren’t they just in grade 1??) with Son entering a completely different programme this year.  Week 1 is said and done and I was so thrilled with it!  Daughter quickly disappeared into the school crowd and she’s rarely been seen since.  It is good to see her busy with friends; studying, spending time visiting, in fact her social calender is quite booked!  Her work load seems a bit heavy however I trust she will ask for help if she needs it.

Now Son’s situation has tickled me PINK!  He went into the co-op programme and goes off-school site to a job for 2 hours every morning.  His whole academic programme now leans toward the work experience and it is a 2 year programme.  His first placement is at Dairy Queen; the owners and staff are known for their generous and kind spirits working with kids in this programme and also with disabled persons.  Still, certain expectations have to be met and guess what the first one was?

Are you guessing??  Come on!  Come on!  Hurry up! 

Son has to wear a UNIFORM. 

He did!  Guess what is on that uniform??!!!


WHOOOOHOOOOOOO ~ for the first time in 12 years, that’s right count ’em….1*2* y-e-a-r-s….Son wore buttons!  You just never know what will make a mother jump up and down with joy!  I was dancing at work, for heaven’s sake although I hope no one saw me!  Buttons!!  I was worried that he would balk at putting the uniform on and would jeopardize his position in this programme, but when push comes to shove, well he bit the bullet and put ‘er on.

Ha ha ha hee hee hee, guess what else?

COME ON ALREADY ~ I’M excited and can’t wait to tell you!

He’s working!  That boy is WASHING WINDOWS!  He is EMPTYING THE GARBAGE!  Why, he is even WASHING DISHES!  He is so tired at night he can barely function!  He tells me what he has done that day in a whisper, to emphasize how exhausted he truly is, like on his last feet, and I just squeal with joy.  He is actually out there doing something!  His aide accompanies him and helps him with his tasks (and no doubt, listens to his complaints) but he HAS to go.  The restaurant is generous enough to offer him lunch before he heads back to school, which he intends to gratefully accept occasionally.

I so very much want to FLY IN THERE and HUG THEM ALL!  This is such a huge step for Son and such a nice change for all of us!  Last year Son just hated school, falling asleep in his classes, getting picked on by a few of the problem kids.  I know because I heard every minute detail of every day.  At least once a day.  Now he has his option class first thing, which he likes, then he is off to his job until lunch.  He returns for lunch and spends it with other special needs kids at their special table.  The afternoon is spent in 2 classes, one of which is geared towards working and business.  Then he comes home.

He also decided to ride to school with me in the morning rather than wait for his special bus.  The bus dropped him off after first class had already started and he was always anxious about getting his morning routine done before the bus arrived.  I feel much better dropping both kids off and heading off to work, myself, knowing they are both at school already.  Son likes his first class enough he wants to be there before the bell rings!!

So all is going well and I’m very, very happy and thankful for the past few days.  In our life you never know when the balloons are going to burst so I’ve learned to enjoy the good moments as much as possible.

How about YOU?  How is your fall going?