I know it has been a while since I posted…I’ve been busy between work and home. Some things are starting to settle at work so perhaps I will get enough done to relax a bit. I’m taking this weekend off though ~ I reached the point of too tired and my family reached the point of mutiny!

It is Thanksgiving Weekend here and by that I mean in Canada. Although Monday is the actual day, a lot of folk will celebrate instead, on Sunday and leave Monday as a travelling day. We are cooking some kind of dinner on Sunday as hubby is working on Monday. The kids had an additional 2 days off – Thursday and Friday; some kind of PD days for the teachers. Yeah, they cried all right, my kids!

This is my favourite month of the year. Fun stuff happens in October; Thanksgiving, Halloween…. cooler weather and the fabulous fall foliage that makes everything glow. The grey, windy days with leaves blowing down the street and a cup of tea or hot chocolate to warm the tummy.

DSCF1450Guess who started her first job this week! Congratulations daughter, we are all so excited for you! I’ve been waiting and WAITING for her to spill the beans and I’m hoping the news is out there because I just can’t wait any longer!

Daughter is working at our local library! By a few fortunate circumstances, we found out that the library would be hiring a student or two, to work part-time during the school year. I think it may introduce more hours in the summer but that’s so far away as to not be considered yet. She works every Thursday evening and every other Saturday. It’s such a perfect job for her! She loves books and spent a lot of time this summer going back and forth to the library to get herself new reading material. She loves to be around people and in a social setting…. it’s not so much as to overwhelm her or cut into studying time. She still has time for friends and her tech stuff….anyway


I’ve been trying to get some reading in but there just aren’t enough hours of the day to do everything I need/want to do. I’m trying to finish the book “My Stroke of Insight” about a neuroscientist who has a brain aneurysm at age 37 and her recovery and “The Girl with The Red Dragon Tattoo” which I hear is an awesome read but I haven’t even had enough time to get into it yet….and/or “The Boy in the Moon” about a boy with a very rare syndrome and his family’s struggle to cope with it. It’s bad enough I don’t have time to read but then I’ve crammed three books together – plus my weekly People magazine! Yeesh!

Son is doing well with school so far. I’m cautiously optimistic – like I have never been here before! The Coop programme seems to be a key ingredient for scholastic success this semester. He is eager to start most of his days and is quite happy to go off to school early.

Hey guess what! I’m taking a cake decorating course with a co-worker/friend! My other coworker had to drop out due to unexpected circumstances, so I was offered up the chance to step in. I’m so happy about it! I love cake decorating sites and often visit many different cake blogs to admire the fanciest cakes. This could be the start of something fun!! I will take pictures of the journey…..be it short and sweet (and VERY short) – or long and illustrious! This way, my coworker who had to bow out will see what she missed. And how much fun I had taking her place!

Hubby brought home a new 32″ tv today to replace the one in our living room, which was breaking down at a steady rate. So I want to go check out the high definition and watch some “brain candy” tv.

See you all again very soon!

ps…oops, forgot to elaborate on the title of this post! I’m having the most miserable luck with my teeth. Yesterday I spit more of a tooth out; this is still the dead root canal tooth that broke shortly after the root canal. The bit left in my gum is loose but I know I’ll have to go have my dentist yank the stupid thing out by freezing and using pliers or something equally nasty. Damn teeth. So I’ve got a broken bite again. This short break from the dentist was sweet I’ll tell you! *sigh*…back to reality though, isn’t it?

Cheers everyone!