Today time froze for a few moments in a regular shop, during regular hours, on a regular day for some regular people bustling through their day.

A soul passed on and a sprinkle of his life dusted us on his way by.

Daughter and I were shopping at a small, local business when an employee received word that someone important to her had just died, unexpectedly.Her grief washed over and silenced us all as we witnessed her world change forever. We were reminded of the fleeting moments of life and how precious this day is as we watched a coworker gently lead her away to a private place. Ever so slowly the world righted itself and started to move forward for the rest of us keepers of this moment. An unshed tear sparkled in the corner of all of our eyes as we recovered and moved on.

It was a fragment of time but the end of the story for someone precious to this woman. I whispered a silent thank you for all those living souls who grace my life.

Lady, in the busy-ness of life, we forget how fleeting life is.

We were honoured to pause and pay respect to someone who meant so much to you.

We are sorry for your loss.