I honestly keep meaning to post pictures about the rest of our summer….about my cake decorating adventures… oh about life in general. Funny thing is, life is in the way! This week has been busy; still trying to get in some overtime and finish up my project at work, spend time with family, and shop for upcoming Halloween. I got home at 10:30 pm tonight, back from work and shopping. I have never seen the Superstore so empty in all my time shopping there! Apparently late at night is the time to shop – not so many people out and about to hit and juggle around. Finding the last minute stuff for Halloween isn’t much fun actually; most of it is already gone and Christmas displays have overtaken the stores. Does anyone else get weary of it all? Just give us poor customers a break, stores, would you!

Some serious rain fell around here last Saturday. The weather channel hadn’t predicted much rainfall at first, but some 117 mm later….well, everything flooded in this place! The lake water rose to one of its highest levels and many streets were blocked off until the excess water could drain away. Rain and weather like this are recent events….hmmm….apparently it started up the year we moved back here from Alberta! I swear people, neighbours that we didn’t bring it with us! I couldn’t help but look at the sheets of rains slamming down on Saturday, in the wee hours, and think in a few months that could be snow. yuck. Maybe I kinda like the rain after all!

I’ve kaboshed trick-o-treating for son this year. He is almost 17 and I think it’s time to put that side of Halloween away for good. It is never as fun as he imagines it will be and he never goes very far. It’s a toss up between going to the movie theatres or watching a horror movie marathon in our home. It’s his turn to want to watch horror movies; a few years ago it was daughter’s. I’ve never been a fan of horror movies; back when I was about 19 I saw “Children of the Corn” and that was the last one I saw for years and years. thanks, kids!!

so I haven’t run away from home. Time is zipping by at a hectic pace and I’m trying to catch up and overtake it a little. My profile is gone from the home computer and I can’t access certain files on my laptop so I’m in a no-man’s land as far as getting those New York City pictures posted for a few days. Pop back every couple of days and I will get ’em up as soon as possible.