Ok, long time no talk. Before I know it weeks have passed! I usually cruise the internet on my laptop and it doesn’t seem to update my blog well at all. When I try to write a new post, the page does funny things and jumps up and down the post making it very hard to see what I am actually doing. I’ve tried to upload/download photos only to lose them…then my frustration level takes off and I have to take another breather.

I went for my 3 month follow-up checkup for my blood clot in my leg. You would NOT believe all the vials of blood they took for the various tests the Hematologist is sending out for! It looked like I was donating blood to the Red Cross – I even scored a cup of orange juice when I was done! The tests that will be done are exhaustive by the looks of it; from genetic testing to cancer testing to blood clotting factors, etc. I have no doubt if there is something there it will be found. I had a CAT scan of my diaphram and another one from my knees to my diaphram; making sure no blood clots lurked in my lungs or elsewhere. I think I’m clean as a whistle (without spit in it, of course). The last item is an ultrasound of my leg, due in a couple of weeks. That is to check how it is doing, if there was damage from the clotting because it was so extensive, and to ensure nothing is there now. I’m positive it’s all good and then I can go back to life before blood clot. Which will be very welcome!

Aside from that we all went for our eye exams. I’m getting some new glasses and that is almost the cost of a mortgage payment! *whew* trifocals aren’t cheap! I’m pretty sure there are cute sparkles on the arms of the glasses and for the kind of cash we’re shelling out to decorate my face, I freakin’ well want bling plastered on them! Daughter is getting a new pair as well…and so is Son. He adamently stated he won’t be wearing his. His vision is actually rather poor without corrective lenses so I’m up for the battle. He hasn’t worn his glasses for a couple of years and he’ll be suprised at the difference there is when your sight is clear and nothing is blurred. Hubby is the glasses-free bloke of the year, again. Not even reading glasses for him!

Son and I are busy checking out all the movies being released for the American Thanksgiving and renting good new releases. We just watched “Up” the latest Disney-Pixar flick. It is very well done…but for those who are a little older, it has kind of a sad theme. So if you are prone to picking up and reflecting sad stuff from watching a show or a movie then maybe pass on this one until you are happy, happy, happy.

I’ve got to pick Daughter up from school…so the limosine service is off and running. Bye for now!