Hey ~ hello out there!  Did you give up on me?

Sorry I’ve been away for so long ~ I’ve been doing something dangerous again… THINKING!   Whether or not the blog should continue, what do I want from it, what someone else might want…whether or not it has any value.  See what I mean?  I go through this every so often and it was just time to shake the cobwebs loose.

I need the blog as much as those who read it.  I know some in my family keep up with us by reading this.  I also know that others, who have children with different disorders, have read this and contacted me for company, information, or just with relief that they aren’t alone.  My sister has a blog (about books), which I love reading, and puts mine to shame… I see another side of her when I read her book blog and guess what?  I keep reading those books she writes about! 

There are other blogs that I keep up with, although I’m not sure if they know I “lurk” or not.  There are so many out there and the life we read about puts mine to shame… I learn so many things from other people’s blogs and put many ideas to use in my own home and life.  I don’t photograph as much when not blogging and I miss that.  I like the cropped, funny pictures that I post.  These photographic momentos are important to just more than me and will be something for my kids and family to have down the road.

My daughter reads my blog and that alone is worth it to me to continue.  She gets to read and see things that she might not otherwise know.  So, I’m back.  I’m here to stay, for better or worse… richer or poorer….

What’s new here you ask.  Hmmmmm….

Son turned 17 and Daughter turned 16!  I’m in awe of my kids and how fast they are growing.  I work with several people who are in their mid 30s and have 1 or 2 young children.  It reminds me of when we were that age and I wonder where the time went.  How did my babies suddenly grow taller than me?  How did they get to be halfway through grade 11 so freaking fast?  Wow…. that makes me… well… that would make me….. right….never mind! Moving on….

We had a mild winter and it sure looks like spring is here.  The snow is gone, all the ice is melted and the buds are beginning to show on shrubbery.  Another sign ~ we saw the BEAVER!  This one is huge!  There were no beavers to be seen last year at all.  Only the otter that showed up towards the end of summer.  It was thrilling to see a beaver in our wee cove, peering out at the water at his/her surroundings.  I don’t know if it is one from previous years come back to grace us with his presence again or if a new fellow moved in.  I’ll try to get some pictures of him to post here.

I do have another sure sign of spring ~ hubby bought a new toy.  Check it out:

Hubby's new toy!

I didn’t panic until I saw the size of this bike.  It’s quite a bit bigger than his dirt bike!  This was him just getting ready to drive it home.  It was a perfectly foggy morning – just how I want him taking a big bike down the busy roads!  Get a load of the riding jacket however… it is vibrantly noticeable and glows in the dark I think.  You can see him in this.  He stands out like a brilliantly lit sore thumb and it’s PERFECT.  If you see this image in your rear view mirror or anywhere else, take note!  That’s my husband and make sure to give him lots of room so he gets home safely.   Doesn’t he look handsome?!

It is super late so I’m heading off for now but I will be back soon…