When I die please make sure I am cremated right away.  First, take what organs can be harvested and then burn the rest of me.  I also have a particular request for the ashes….some of them anyway.  If there is a fillable stuffed animal then I want part of my ashes put in there and then the toy given to my son.  He will need it, to hold and talk to, after I’m gone.  Oh and for the record….??

Not planning on going soon!  Not making any plans here, just expressing my wishes.  I’ve done some reading on death, the funeral, what happens to people after they die.  All that kind of yucky stuff we avoid as much as possible.  And I know beyond a freakin’ doubt that I want to be cremated!  Not embalmed!  Not stuffed in a coffin!  Not buried!  The shell wants to be made into dust please!!  After the stuffie is stuffed then do what you want with the rest of my ashes.  That will be up to my husband and daughter of course.  It is just that it is very important that my son be given something of me, that although it may seem creepy or odd to you, it will bring him comfort.

I don’t want to go into the whys a toy bunny, bear, bee or WHATEVER, stuffed with my ashes will bring my son some comfort.  Just rest assured that it will.  I know my husband will not be keen on the idea but it is my last request (although I may have plenty between now and the hour I depart this world) and I wish it to be filled.  It is that important to me and to my child.

My daughter knows I want her to take my ashes and have a diamond made out of it.  She could get a lot of laughs wearing me in an ear or stuck in a ring.  I like different things like that and it would surely epitomize my sense of humour!

In case you are wondering, I am ok with death.  I believe we just end.  That’s it.  No God, no afterlife.  Sorry.  Just our little trip for however much time we live and then *poof*.  The world went on before we were born and it will go on after we leave.  No religion or anything either.  Took a long time to get here to this belief ~ or lack thereof.  It was  a long journey through the years, trying different beliefs, churches, and other stuff.  I saw religions from other countries, from different people and different cultures.  Sifted through it all, fast forward to now and voila – my final thoughts!  I won’t be changing anymore because all paths lead to this point of view and I am finally and fully satisfied with it. 

I know, not the cheeriest of subjects but it needed to be said once.  So, tomorrow’s subject?  Much cheerier and lots of pictures!!