I know I had promised some pictures last Sunday ~ seriously, where does time go??  but as you can see, it didn’t happen.  My laptop got shanghaied!  It is being used to do the taxes and with the April 30th deadline looming it could be a few more days before I see it again.  The computer in the kitchen sporadically acknowledges “other” media but this week isn’t one of those times.  I can’t load my photos up here. 

The weather has been great this week… my brother-in-law and his wife are due back from Cuba tomorrow.  They will bring with them either tans or burns and water-logged bodies no doubt!  We had a lot of sun here too and us poor winter people poured outside to soak up the light and warmth.  With a mild and short winter I don’t have that yearning to go someplace warm this year.  Although pictures of turquoise water makes me whimper!

The weather is supposed to turn a bit nastier this weekend and if it does then I will get back here sooner than later.  If it stays nice though there is a bit of gardening to be done…. hey Alberta!  Hear that?  Gardening ~ in APRIL!!  There are the first spring flowers blooming now and the trees are breaking their buds out.  Alas…I also noticed the freakin’ mosquitoes buzzing around the backyard already.  Do they HAVE to show up so early?

So until another day or so, bye from Spring in New Brunswick!