I like art.  I like cake.

What could be better than those 2 things put together?  HA!

A coworker and I decided to embark on a cake decorating course together.  I should have known…

It could only be described as a DISASTER ~ for me.  I had great plans to come out of there a supreme cake decorator, greatly in demand.  My plans for the first cake was to bring this beautiful creation to work, to be admired and eaten in absolute adoration.

As per my life, nothing went according to plan.  Let’s see….

The first batch of icing tasted absolutely horrible.  It went in the garbage.

The second batch of icing was too liquidy so it had to be adjusted up the ying-yang to cover the cake uniformly.

I had MEANT to bake a lovely 3-D Halloween cake and it sure looked like it was thoroughly cooked.  That lasted all of a few moments then the middle caved in a bit.  Then I started to shape the cake, only for 1/2 of it to ooze out as liquid.  It didn’t cook.

Okay, no huge deal.  I would just make a one layer cake and maybe skip the house as half the batter now joined the first batch of icing in the garbage.

The icing with more than a few drops of colouring tasted awful.  I do mean awful as in bitter.  Another batch or two was pitched out.  It can look weird but by gum, it better taste good!

The kitchen was a mess, to put it mildly.  My first attempt at an artist-worthy decoration did not extend to a tidy kitchen.  Piles of dishes, flour, cake decorations, different bowls of icing, decorating instructions to say nothing of egg shells, decorator colouring sat lopsided on every available spot on the counter.

Did I mention that about 5 hours had passed during this time?  It takes a while to get the right consistency of home made ANYTHING and the icing was no exception!

The purple frosting went on quite well.  The cake was covered.  My new idea was to decorate a Halloween type picture on the top of the cake and use Halloween colours of course.  Hence the sickly purple shade.

My icing bag slipped in my hands and plummeted into the cake.  Now there was a crator in the middle of the cake.  I started laughing away as it was nearly midnight now and I’d lost my sanity somewhere along the mess that used to be the counter.  I was sick of this cake and sick of all the slip-ups occuring and starting dreaming about killing it.  That moved on to writing ridiculous messages to anyone out there who would be admiring this new cake of mine.

Since it was a Sunday night and we were long past making sense….my beautiful dream cake ended up looking like this….

Skull Cake

It was edible and it did taste good.  My boss tried it and liked it.

Unlike her birthday cake (NOT made by me!!!!), which she was unable to take a piece and eat.

Why, you ask?

Because sometimes what you see is what you will taste….