Sometimes the darndest things are heard.  Take a recent conversation at work for example.  I was saying it could be difficult to clean up the bottom of our lake (we live on a lake) so people can enjoy swimming.  Although the lake IS clean, odd things find their way across the bottom ~ even a branch sticking up can be hazardous to one’s health.  My daughter scratched her leg on one the first year here  and even more alarming to us, the branch stuck up high enough that someone jumping off our raft could have hit it on the way down in the water!

Anyway, my coworker suggested I burn a mattress and drag it across the lake. 

I wondered, aloud, as to how you could burn a mattress with all that water surrounding it.

He looked at me like I was an idiot.

I looked back at him like HE was an idiot.

Our other coworker was choking up from laughing so hard.

I wondered why anyone would want to drag a burning mattress around a lake and how would that help clean it up anyway?

He patiently explained that burning the mattress FIRST exposes the springs and dragging THAT across the bottom will pull up everything and make a clean sweep behind it.


Okay ~ now I get it!  I was puzzled as to how a flaming mattress would clean anything on the lake – and how it would be flaming in the first place.  And wouldn’t that attract the fire department and police if you got it to work?

The other coworker just laughed and laughed.