We are going to take a journey together, you and I.  I am going to show you the city I live close to ~ and actually work in.

Saint John, New Brunswick (Canada) is the oldest port city in Canada – the original one.  The city is built around the harbour, some of which you can see in the picture below.

There are fascinating stories and original buildings here.  Wouldn’t you like to hear the story of why there are gargoyles resembling people on this building, for instance?  The answer is a HOOT!!  You will have to pop back in to learn the answer though – I’m not quite ready to post that one yet.

How about this castle home? Wouldn’t you like to know where this is? Or the fact that I can walk by it every.since.day.at.lunch? What other buildings are beside this one? Stay tuned!

…..and what is with these guys? What are they?  What are they looking at?  They don’t exactly look real, do they?  Well they aren’t!  Come back soon and find out what they are!

If you want to learn more then hang around!

Oh and if anyone knows why my cursor jumps back to the beginning of my post while I am drafting it….could they help me out?  It frustrates me to bits and I’ve canned more than one draft/blog entry due to uh…er… anger…. (I have spent more time moving the freakin’ cursor back to its proper position and scrolling BACK to where I am working….AAAARGHHH!!)