Whohoooo!  I found a new hobby! 


Something to keep us going on weekends.  After checking our vehicle GPS…only to find it is not compatible with geocaching, hubby went searching for something we could use (handheld device).

He got the Garmin Oregon 450.  Oh what fun!

Son and I tried it out today.  On the agenda were 4 caches in our area.  We made it to 3 and found 3…sort of.  It turns out the first cache is a 2 parter.  That means when we uncovered the first cache – in this case a log in a film cannister (swathed in camoflage tape) there was a second destination noted!  We couldn’t actually solve it because it requires going into a building that is open during normal business hours.

It’s Sunday so it isn’t open.  Tomorrow we’ll finish it. 

The second stop was very easy and in fact, I pretty much drove over the cache.  It too was a small cannister, camoflaged with a log inside. 

The third one…well, took some time.  It went quite a bit easier once I realized I had the wrong coordinates in the GPS!  I had to trek down a hill and into some muddy-ish areas and was just ready to quit for the day when I found it.  Son doesn’t like semi-steep paths so he didn’t join me at the last part.

Once we returned home hubby reminded me that our GPS unit is paperless.  That means all the stuff I printed off and took with me…is actually on the device itself.

It was.  D-u-h!

Next time we go out I will take the camera and show y’all what it is we actually do and what a “cache” means.