I’m on the warpath. See this wretched, miserable fly?  They are easy to spot with the distinctive markings on the wings.

from the Winnipeg.ca website

It is called a Deer Fly.
It is making my life HELL right now.
It bites. A lot.  One of these guys can just keep on coming back for more AND invite her buddies to do the same!  Making me one of those “all-you-can-eat” buffets so popular these days.

Take this morning for instance. I was out on our dock with the dogs enjoying some peace and quiet early in the morning.  We weren’t the only creatures out there seeking some enjoyment.

One of those deer flies was looking for a warm meal (me) and started ankle-biting. After lots of swishing and smacking I finally killed it.  Not before it sent out a message that Sunday brunch was served and come on out to the party ~ the rest of the family dove in for a meal.   The sudden appearance of another 10 flies or so suddenly biting me and the dogs was enough to drive us into the house! I haven’t had a problem like this in the 3 years we have lived here.  The bites itch like crazy.  I’ve been speed scratching the skin off my body trying to find relief!  I have almost every compound known to man slathered on the spots hoping to minimize the torture inflicted by these tiny bugs.

I really took notice of them last week while out in my little rowboat.  When the one oarlock broke and slowed my journey back to shore the deer flies took the opportunity to bite my ankles and feet all the way back to the dock!  I needed both hands to row and my bare feet were glowing bullseyes’ for these pests. I was in agony by the time I got back to the house!

Well, ha ha HA you nasty little freaks.  Your days of biting ME are over!  I will now make generous use of my secret weapon.


If you get through THAT defense, then be prepared to DIE!!


On a side note, our weather network has a lovely website where there are helpful sections like the “bug report”.  It gives a bit of information on the bugs as well as your likehood of encountering them on any given day.  Not only that but it will also provide extra information on the bug/insect of your choice ~ for your viewing pleasure I’ve linked to their page on deer flies.


I can’t help but wonder…. did John and Kristen pick just this very time to go overseas and MISS these miserable things?  Am I going to get lovely postcards and emails from their happy travels while I wallow in EXTRA misery caused by our mosquitoes, slugs and now Deer Flies???? 

This could be the start of something ugly folks!