(This post actually belongs to yesterday; it was for July 17th!  John and Kristen are either in Heathrow now or on their way to Belfast)

Yup, I was away this week ~ had a bit of training to do, work-related.  It was bloody hot one of the days I was gone!!  Just the walk from the parking lot to the training room was energy-sapping in that heat!  I stayed in a Bed & Breakfast that is very old and quaint.  The home was built in the 1860s and there were original photos on the wall as well as a few original pieces of furniture.  I had one of the upstairs bedrooms and could imagine a child having that room as his/her bedroom.  I meant to walk about the town however I was very tired and fell on the bed and that was it for the night!

Now I’m home but another adventure started.  John and Kristen left on their holiday yesterday.  As I write they should be either in the air or just about ready to take off across the Atlantic… I love our son… but geez… I’m passing up Ireland here!

Speaking of my boy, we went to a movie tonight; “Inception”.  It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and it is a very interesting movie.  I think I want to see it again to figure a few more things out.  In the meantime however, I will get another post up and relive Niagara Falls… *sigh*… while the other half of the family enjoys their unfolding adventure.

And if anyone sees them, could you please ask my husband to send me the details of the trip?  Like, names & cities of hotels?  Airline maybe?  Even a flight number?  Might be a bit helpful….