Welcome to the Honeymoon Capital of Canada. Niagara Falls.

An arial view of the border (Rainbow Bridge) at the Falls

Mathew and I enjoyed a week here in late June.  It was the perfect time to go ~ not too hot and not so many tourists either.  No lineups or throngs of crowds… *sigh*… it was great!  It is a hot place during July and August ~ be forewarned.  The other tip I will pass along is that it is a tourist trap.  Everything costs money.  Most places were pricey but I paid up anyway because it was Mathew’s destination of choice.  I wanted him to have a blast and leave with awesome memories.  Take money, folks.  Lots of it.

Niagara Falls is sandwiched between Ontario, Canada and Buffalo, United States.  The Canadian side has Horseshoe Falls which is the famous falls of movies and books and the US has another smaller, less spectacular falls on its side.  There is a border crossing between Niagara Falls and Buffalo… a bridge spans the two countries and when the borders are backed up, well you have a lovely view of the Falls while sitting in your vehicle on the bridge.  Make sure the vehicle has plenty of gas in it for a potentially long wait on Rainbow Bridge!

775 feet of spectacular view!

These pictures for this post came from the Skylon Tower (above photo).  The 775 foot tower has 3 levels atop the column and it is located next to the Falls.  The view is spectacular from up there but it is not for the faint of heart (or those afraid of heights).  The first level is a revolving restaurant however the pricey menu didn’t have anything that Mathew would eat, so we passed on it.  The second level is the Summit Suite where a Sunday brunch is served at an all-you-can-eat buffet for the reasonable price of $12.95 per person.  That price includes the elevator ride up to the restaurant and down again (otherwise it costs $10 for a lift to the top and back).  The third, and final, level consists of the observation deck.  

Clifton Hill is THE entertainment street located along the Falls. The dazzling lights and sounds lure unsuspecting tourists in until the wee hours of the morning… every day.

The Tourist Trap!

 We never made opening hours but closing time is around 2 am.  I will show you the street in detail in its own post.  This post is an introduction to the area.

THE tourist attraction!!

You can walk next to the Falls for FREE!!  That’s about the only thing that’s free in the area.  You will get wet from the spray from the falls.  The day we strolled by the wind blew the mist and soaked anyone in the vicinity.  It cooled us off from the dreadful, sticky heat of that day.  There are other options to see the Falls; the Maid of the Mist is a boating company that will take you right into the mist at the bottom of the Falls and it is also possible to walk behind one of the falls in the area.  Mathew was uneasy about the boat ~ especially when he saw it disappear into the mist at the foot of the falls so we skipped it in favour of just walking by.  Even my nonchalant kid was awed by the Falls.

If you want more information on Niagara Falls then click on the following link that will take you the City’s website.