Heading off to another tech rehearsal

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the life of a teenager?  More precisely a 16 year-old girl on summer vacation, heading into her final year of high school?  Well, join us on our journey!  We are going to post a picture a day of Kristen and a quick update of her day….

Today is Day 1.  Kristen is getting ready to head out to the high school. ~  how’s that for dedication?  Going to school of her own free will ON SUMMER VACATION!  Don’t worry too much though as there is a reasonable explanation for this….

She is working the behind-the-scene changes during the KV Players Summer Theatre production of “Hairspray”.  Scene changes is something Kristen does in addition to working the lights during a show.  The musical opens on Wednesday and today was their first full dress rehearsal.  After I dropped her off at 2-ish, I returned later with supper (Subway today.  Steak & cheese, little sweet onion sauce) and her black tech outfit so she blends in the dark background like a ninja.  Stealthy and quiet. 

Places everyone!  Places!