Oops ~ I booboo’ed at the start of this adventure!  I called it A “DAY” in the Life…. when I meant A “YEAR”…

Ok, now that is straightened out, let’s see what Kristen is up to today, shall we?

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Kristen is dressed as colourful and vibrant as the flowers she is standing with.  This is out on our front lawn and I asked her to pose right before we hopped into our vehicle to head out.  Where were we going?  Somewhere fun like her high school to ready the set for tonight’s opening of the musical?


She’s headed somewhere less fun.  Check it out ~

Good-bye cavity!

Yup.  She had a cavity filled.  Kristen has what is called “soft teeth”.  It’s a term used by our dentist back in Alberta to describe the enamel on her teeth.  They are prone to cavities and for years the dentist applied sealant to help reduce enamel erosion.  She is a good sport in the dentist chair…unlike her mother.  You wouldn’t catch me sitting calmly in that chair and SMILING before a filling! 

I am definately getting old.  Behind Kristen is our family dentist and gee, she doesn’t look much older than Kristen!  She does an excellent job and I actually fell asleep during a root canal recently (thanks Doc!).

I sure hope that Kristen’s mouth thawed out in time for the musical.  Kristen is on “com” tonight meaning she has a headset on to direct the set changes, etc.  She requested a smoothie for dinner though and a sandwich for later.  I made a strawberry and banana smoothie plus a couple of meat wraps which John drove to the school for her.

And doesn’t she look beautiful in that chair????