Another hot, sunny day in paradise … and wait… what is our star doing??

Getting ready to head out

Is that mail she’s looking at?  On such a gorgeous day?  Oh dear, is it….a…a… BILL?!!!!

Of course not!  She’s only 16!  It’s her “Record of Employment” ~ in case she needs to go on pogey or something.  Pogey is what we Canadians call unemployment insurance.  Er… hang on… it has been renamed to something more positive ~ but I can’t remember what it is…teehee!  During the last school year Kristen worked part time at the local library.  Every Thursday evening and alternate Saturdays.  She is laid off for the summer and will be rehired in the fall.  She is quite happy to have a break as her school days were very full.  She just got back from her trip to Ireland (with her Dad) and now she is working as part of the tech crew on the musical now running at her high school.  She’s got some babysitting coming up and *whew* she’s a busy girl!

So in today’s peek, Kristen is in our kitchen checking out her mail.  That’s our rice cooker on her left.  I was supposed to clean up after supper yesterday but didn’t quite jump to it.  There is some writing on the wall behind Kristen, up near the ceiling.  It’s my favourite kitchen slogan, “Today’s Menu 2 Choices ~ Take It or Leave It”.  I’m all about concise and to-the-point communication!

Kristen got a little sunning in before I dropped her off.  I ran another sub to her for dinner; thanks Subway for your steak-and-cheese footlong sub (with a little sweet onion sauce).  It’s helping my girl grow big and strong!

(p.s. Kristen’s other hand is reaching for some red, seedless grapes ~ one of her favourite snacks)