Oooooo ~ it’s F-R-I-D-A-Y… the best day of the workweek!  Today we had a couple of wee visitors of the 4-legged variety.  My dogs looked at the mini daschunds unsure of what their purpose was.  Bosco isn’t used to dogs being smaller than he is and they made him nervous.  The little guys made themselves right at home and one even found his way through the downstair’s cat door to Kristen’s door.  Eventually Kristen opened her bedroom door to this little guy who was wagging his tail and looking at her hopefully….

Kristen loving a little visitor to our house today

We’d love to see the dogs agains …although those two accidents doggies?  Not necessary, ‘kay?  There’s enough clean up after my two already!

After visiting the dogs and eating some some lunch yummies (meaning I don’t know what she ate) Kristen headed up to her friend’s house for some girl time before the musical tonight.  Now, her friend has a little turtle which they took outside to play with.  On the lawn.  The green lawn.  The green marked turtle, the small turtle… the one that blends so well with that sort of environment… yeah, they lost it.  Took them 1-1/2 hours to find the little turtle in all that grass.  And such a beautiful day to spend with your face mushed up close and personal in the grass.

Kristen didn’t have to be at the school/theatre until 5 pm.  That means she changed into her skulking clothes ~ the tech outfit to melt into the background.  If you look at yesterday’s get-up her boots had high heels that sunk into our lawn and clacked on the wooden floors.  Today’s footwear consists of her normal quiet shoes for gliding silently behind the scenes.  So this photo shows her in her technical mode ready for some serious work ~

Her butterflies are on their way to tonight's performance!

That funny-looking thing hanging on the wall on the right side of the picture is called a “shillelagh.  According to Wikipedia, “A shillelagh (Irish: sail éille, a cudgel with a strap), commonly pronounced /ʃɪˈleɪli/ “shi-LAY-lee” or “shi-LAY-la”, IPA: [ɕaˈleːlə]) is a wooden walking stick and club or cudgel, typically made from a stout knotty stick with a large knob at the top, that is associated with Ireland and Irish folklore.”   The following link has more interesting information about this cudgel .  John and I received that shillelagh from his beloved Auntie Jean and Uncle Jimmy when we got married 25 years ago.  It’s considered to be good luck and it has hung in a prominent spot in all of our homes since the day we got it….hey…maybe that is the secret to 25 years of wedded…uh…er… ecstasy? bliss?…. okay,  time is a better word.  Definately25 years for better and worse but that is for another post (love you honey!)

Right ~ good time to get back to the subject at hand…  In the picture Kristen is just about to set off for this week’s final performance of “Hairspray”.  It’ll play for 3 days again next week and I’ll go see it one night if, according to Kristen, there are any tickets left from the sold out performances.