Oh boy it is Saturday!  Guess what? It’s hot out today… check it out:

That is 30 degrees Celsius in the shade!

At almost 6 pm it is 30 degrees in the shade!  Sorry my American readers – I don’t know what that is in Fahrenheit except to say it’s stinkin’ hot!

Somewhere in all this heat is Kristen, except I can’t find her!  Help me look, will you?

What about the dining room?  Is she there?

The dining area and the back deck

Nope.  No one there.   How about at the computer?

All quiet here

No one there either.  So the smart thing to do is to check the driveway.  If the car isn’t there then she’s gone shopping with her father… so outside we go ~

Oh! She escaped in the car with her Dad!

That explains everything!  While we’re waiting for her to come back, I can tell you what she is shopping for today.  No, not jewellery, clothes or even books.  She’s shopping for this area of her bedroom:

A pink closet

Her closet.  Or more acurately her diva centre.  Check it out below:

The DIVA Centre

When we first moved here (3 years ago), Kristen found this lovely shelf and we decided to turn her closet into a diva centre.  More specifically a place for her jewellery, numerous hats, and makeup.  It was the cutest little area ~ these pictures don’t do it justice because everything is already out of there.  (Somewhere we have some pictures and if I ever find them I’ll post a couple) 

*Alas* all things change and so Kristen decided she needs her closet back.  So the aim of today’s shopping trip was to purchase a closet organizer for her.  After all, a girl needs to hang her dresses and stash countless pairs of shoes SOMEWHERE!  Right at the moment it’s all kind of stuck here….

EEEeeeek! Her bed!

The rest of the stuff is on her floor and it ain’t pretty folks.  In fact, although there is photographic evidence of what her floor looks like, I just can’t bring myself to show it here.  It would turn this post into a horror show!

Hark, I hear a noise!  Could it be…. could it…???


Well lookee here ~ look who's home

Shopping was a success, apparently.  She’s got a smile!

Happy Day 6

She is certainly pleased!  Next up will be to install the organizer.  That’ll be tomorrow. 

She still has some socializing to do later tonight, at a bonfire.  A girl’s day is just never done!