I have a picture a day but didn’t get them loaded.  Mathew is attending his week long summer camp with the autism centre.  He goes for the afternoon.  After dropping him off I peruse the area and pick him up three hours later.  By the time we get home we are pretty tired from the travels!  He is loving the camp and has found a friend, which thrills me to no end.  So my fatigue is nothing compared to his happiness.  I crashed when we got home today and feel better after a small nap.  So this is catch-up!

Kristen is doing an excellent job of keeping me on my toes.  She makes sure I’ve taken at least one picture a day.  If she tries to persuade you that this is sheer agony…well… the truth will get out there!

Week 2 Day 1:  Monday, 16 August 2010

What the ~ ?! A quiet day starting Week 2???

Has this child of mine EVER heard of a nice, quiet week? 

Apparently not!  Not to worry though it isn’t as bad as it appears… Kristen babysits for this police woman.  When she is in her patrol car she swings by and picks Kristen up.  I sure hope this is the only way I see her in a police car!

After babysitting all day she headed out with friends to a real, operating drive-in near here.  Remember those?  You drive your car in and watch a movie on a huge screen.  I used to go when I was a child.  My brother, sister and I would get into our pajamas and play at the playground until it came time for the movie to start ~ after the sun set of course.  I don’t think us kids ever lasted for a full movie before falling asleep in the backseat, but I have some fun memories from those times.

Kristen and her friends returned halfway through the second film.  The first feature, “Cats and Dogs” didn’t do much to stimulate their brains but the second film, “Inception” required too much thought for late at night so they left early. 

Day 2:  Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Day 2... our girl looks tired!

This is the end of a long day and it shows.  Our faithful subject waited for me to take a picture before heading off to bed.  Kristen was supposed to spend the night with her cousin however she was too tired.  Instead, she went over for a visit then came home to start hanging clothes in her new closet.  While organizing her closet she is culling her wardrobe and will try different things on ~ hence the fancy dress with jeans.  Good-night and sweet dreams!

Day 3:  Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Ready to Get to Work!

Good old-fashioned well water to plump up the veins.  Another hot day in paradise makes the water go down sooooo well.   This is after supper and I’m getting ready to take Kristen to school.  There are 3 performances left for “Hairspray” and then it will wrap up for this summer.

After the play Kristen headed over to her friend’s place for a sleepover.  She didn’t come home until Mathew and I left for his camp today.  I couldn’t tell you if she slept at all (sleep usually is scarce at sleepovers at that house!) but she seemed in fine spirits when I saw her briefly this evening.  Remember I said I went for a nap when I got home today?  I had a visitor pop in to say hi which takes us to…

Day 4:  Thursday, 19 August 2010

Our Shining Star

Geez, this girl is too pretty to hang out behind the scenes, I say!  She is on her way to school for the second showing of “Hairspray”. 

This photo was taken in my bedroom ~ check out the blue walls behind Kristen.  Lovely backdrop for her photo.  Even after 3 years of that colour on my bedroom walls I still love it.  Guess where I found inspiration for that shade and colour?  My mother-in-law’s bath rug!  It was such a lovely shade of blue that I finally took it in to Home Depot and matched the colour.  The furniture in this room is dark, wood brown and the curtains are white and ivory.  It is such a light, airy room that it is one of my favourite rooms.  On the left side of the picture you can just see stacks of books on my bedside table.  I must have 20 books heaped on there!  Books I’ve recently read, ones I’m currently reading and some more that will be read in the not-too-distant future.

Kristen and I are planning a back-to-school clothes shopping trip in the near future.  She loves wearing all sorts of clothes and different combinations at any given time.  The skirt she is wearing in this photo is actually a dressy, expensive one.  I wish I had the guts to wear combinations like this when I was a teen.  I’m happy her clothes get a lot of wear because how many of us have things hanging in our closets that have only been worn once or twice?  With Kristen you never know what she is going to wear… or say… or do…

At last!  We’re all caught up… see you tomorrow!