Okay, I’m falling  behind!  I’m tired ~ and isn’t summer vacation for fun and rest & relaxation?  I needed some!  The end of the first week for our sample teen is one of rest.

The end of week 1... Day 7

After a busy week our subject enjoys a bit of peace and quiet at the computer.  Just like her Dad, Kristen likes to rest her feet on the railing ~ I tried that once and almost broke my hip sockets!  Check out the animal slippers, cute!

The blob under her chair (right side of picture) is our Pug, Bosco.  He constantly snuffles under the computer table, sniffing for fallen crumbs.  He then moseys over to the dog blankets on the right and settles down for a nap.  He likes to be with his humans and there is usually someone on this computer.

Can you see Kristen peeking around the side of the chair?  Only for a moment did she look back at me and then she went back to cruising the net.  Probably updating Facebook and adding pictures from her Ireland trip.  It’s a beautiful day and she earned a day to herself! 

So we’ll just leave you in peace, ‘kay?  See you in week 2!