Welcome to our second day at Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls. Mathew and I took a closer look at things of interest. Take this photo for instance ~ Mathew is probably 5′ 10″ but he looks awfully young on that chair!

Mathew enjoying a b-i-g chair

The tallest man in the world sat in this chair.  This fellow is no longer alive and perhaps some new person now has the record but we weren’t going to argue.  What a difficult life this man must have had.  Imagine walking through a normal doorway, how far would he have to bend over to get through?  If he could sit at a normal table, did his knees rise higher than the table?  A normal spoon probably carried a pea-sized piece of food… to say nothing of sleeping, the poor fellow. 

 One of the reasons Mathew wanted to visit Niagara Falls was to visit the Wrestling Store.  He is a devoted fan of all things known as entertainment wrestling and somewhere along the way he discovered a store existed right there, beside Niagara Falls.  To his delight some famous wrestling visitors left hand imprints on select cement blocks. 

Mathew trying out the hand prints

 We had fun matching our prints to wrestlers but many of them appeared to have huge hands.  Here Mathew compares his hand to one of his favourite wrestlers, Rob Van Dam.  The tour of the store was a bit disappointing after all that anticipation.  It was a small, one-storey shop selling mostly shirts, sweaters and hoodies.  There were wrestling action figures for sale but Mathew already owned them all.  In the end Mathew did not buy any souvenirs from this shop and didn’t want to visit it again.

 We were cruising the street and shops for so long that we got hungry.  Deciding where to eat was the big challenge because everything smelled so good.  In the end though this place piqued our interest the most.  This chain has restaurants across Canada but I hadn’t heard of it before.  It is a fun place that any kid (at heart) will enjoy.

The Rainforest Cafe

 Before we ventured inside Mathew stopped for a photo opportunity with a colourful friend.  In “real life” this frog is very poisonous but here it was a friendly buddy to hang with.  To access the restaurant you first pass through the Rainforest shop.  If you wait for a seat, as we did, that gives you plenty of time to view the souvenirs for sale.  We somehow managed to resist purchasing anything before we went into the restaurant part to eat.

Mathew and a friend

 We were seated to the right of this fountain pool.  Essentially you are sitting in a replicated jungle, complete with foliage and trees everywhere. Animals lurk amongst the branches andevery so often a gorilla would move or a bird would squawk.  Diners are welcome to walk around and take pictures.  If you look up even higher you will see the dark night sky with twinkling lights and every so often a shooting star zipping by.   A storm passes overhead every 20 minutes or so ~ the lights flicker, thunder roars overhead and then the sound of rain is heard.  In addition to all that eye candy to gaze at, the food was excellent too!

Mathew enjoying our experience at the Rainforest Cafe.

A happy teen

 We decided to go for the awesome dessert.  It had a name like Exploding Volcano, which was further presented with a lit sparkler and all the servers calling out the name of the desert as it goes by.  It was one of those moments I would have happily sunk into the ground… unseen…  

… but I couldn’t of course.  Both us tried to eat the whole thing but we couldn’t manage.  Later I asked our server if anyone had ever finished the dessert and he said no, although many have tried.  He did see one customer puke after trying to eat too much of it!  That wasn’t our problem but we were very full when we finished and it took a lot of walking to digest our meal. 

Before we left we wandered around, checking out the various animals lurking behind trees and under leaves.  While I snapped this photo (Mathew making like a gorilla) the ape on the right moved!!!

One ape freakin' moved after I took this photo!

 I swear when I took this photo the ape on the right moved his arm!!  I told Mathew just to move and step away from the animals!  I think it is a mechanical monkey but you can never be too sure about these things.

Another stop on our tour through the restaurant were these elephants.  Once again Mathew makes like the animal in question and does a pretty good job of mimicking them, don’t you say?

Mathew mimicking an elephant

Once we left the restaurant (cafe) we had to walk around a looooong time to work off that dessert!  We continued walking right into the evening hours.  It went from light to bright within a short period of time.  By that I mean the scene went from daytime chaos to light displays everywhere ~ here you can see the beginning of the dazzling displays that probably light up the night sky right into outer space….

The next photo shows a ferris wheel.  Please note that each “cabin” on that wheel could easily seat 12 people so it truly is as high as it looks.  I want you to really admire it because Mathew and I went on it.  That night.  In fact, I took this photo right after we got off our ride because I was so happy to have my feet on the ground.

We went on THIS ferris wheel ~ at THIS time!

The lineup wasn’t very big so every other cabin was loaded with whatever party was waiting to go on.  By that I mean you weren’t crammed in with people you didn’t know.  Mathew and I got a cabin/carriage to ourselves.  Good thing too because I was having a mild anxiety attack as we started to lift off into outer space.  Once you crest the top you feel like there is nothing and I mean NOTHING supporting you anymore.  Especially at night when it is dark.  It felt like we were sailing down right into the river that the falls cascade into.  I didn’t relax at all for the ride and I could have kissed the ground when we got off!  As proud as I am of riding this wheel it is nothing compared to the “Eye” wheel that Joohn and Kristen rode in London, England!!

This was as high as it looks

Our final venture this night involved an arm and wax.  All the museums and attractions we went through exit via a shop.  In the back of this shop people were getting their hands waxed and it caught Mathew’s eye.  He waited for close to 1-1/2 hours for his turn.  He was far more patient than I was!  Knowing his distaste for anything slimy or goopy on his hands I didn’t think he would go through with the procedure, but he did it!  He did it 3 times because the wax cracked during the first 2 attempts!

Mathew getting his arm waxed

Lovely goop is slopped on the hand and arm, to protect it from the hot wax and to allow the cooled form to actually slide off the hand.  You are only permitted 3 attempts at a wax hand so the photo above was his first or second attempt that actually failed.  After that I put the camera away and helped keep his hand straight during the time the wax dries.

Mathew had the hand coloured in blue, his favourite colour.  There were cute yellow eyeballs glued on to the tips of 2 fingers looking as though the hand was all-seeing (ha ha) but they fell off in transit.  Here is the finished product, a replica of Mathew’s great paw at the age of 17!

Here is another look at Mathew’s arm getting dipped into hot wax.  It reminds me of an old horror movie, starring Vincent Price of course, where he takes unsuspecting people and turns them into wax figures.  Not replicas mind you, but the real person beneath the veneer of wax! 

I can attest to the fact that Mathew still has both arms and hands and that his wax hand is only filled with wax.

Then we went back to the hotel, calling it a night.